A Look Back at Soul Train


Today, we look back at one of the grooviest, funkiest shows to ever hit the television airwaves. Providing an R&B alternative to the long-running American Bandstand, audiences tuned in for over 35 years to take a ride on the Soul Train. Created and hosted by Chicago radio DJ, Don Cornelius, it remains the “longest-running, first-run, nationally-syndicated program in television history.” Let’s take a look at what 70s viewers saw each week when they tuned into Soul Train:

And now, a classic 1973 clip of a Soul Train line dance to the O’Jays hit song, “Love Train.” Look closely and you’ll spot a young Fred Berry, who played “Rerun” on the hit series, What’s Happening!!

Were you a regular viewer of Soul Train? Do you have a favorite performance from the show? Share all of those Soul Train memories with us, as we look back at this classic and beloved TV show at Retroland.

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  1. HardyGirl66 says:

    Oh man! What memories! When I was a kid, I remember this being a major battle between my older brother and sister (twins), b/c Drenette wanted to watch Amercian Bandstand, and Darryl wanted to watch Soul Train and they were on AT THE SAME TIME! At first it was whoever got to the TV first after my cartoons were over. Then they decided to alternate weeks. Although sometimes my brother would just give-up and go out and play basketball w/ his friends. This battle would only be an issue if one of the 3 TV sets (the kids, the living room, and my parents room) was broken, b/c we were not allowed to watch in my parents room. And also because you needed space to do those dance steps! I have fond memories of the guests, train line-up, the styles, and even the ads for the Ultra Sheen cosmetics!

  2. D-Rock says:

    As a kid, I never really truly sat down and watched Soul Train, but I remember it coming on around noon on Saturdays, and that was a notification to me that cartoons were truly over for the day and it was time to go outside and play!

    As I got a little older, though, I’d watch a bit of it when it came on Saturday nights after SNL. I love the theme song, and I loved the fact that they continued to let Don Cornelius host the show well beyond his “hip” days.

  3. queen vitamin says:

    I knew of a co-worker who was one of the dancers from the years 2001-2004.

  4. princessdiana says:

    I watched the SOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUl Train.

  5. missthosemoments says:

    Some of this series’ best shows were during the later 70′s (e.g., ’78, ’79) when Soul Train’s music, recording artists, dancers, and fashion started becoming more “mainstream.” That was the time when R&B and soul “merged” with more danceable, upbeat music, e.g., disco. (I seem to recall this was soon after the motion picture “Saturday Night Fever” and all of its great music and recording artists exploded on the national scene.) Soul Train’s fashion during this time was awesome, particularly the female dancers dressed in spandex pants and catsuits.

    BounceTV is replaying a lot of the Soul Train shows, although it doesn’t appear they have every show in the entire series.

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