Actor John Forsythe Dies

12222_john-forsytheNoted film, stage and television actor, John Forsythe passed away on April 3, 2010, the result of complications from pneumonia. He is best remembered as the star of the television series, Bachelor Father, which ran from 1957-1962, and for his role as Blake Carrington on the 80s series, Dynasty. His off-camera voice was also heard weekly on Charlie’s Angels in the 70s, as the crime fighting trio’s wealthy boss, Charles Townshend (or simply “Charlie”). Forsythe was 92.

He began his career in Hollywood in 1939, taking on small roles in films such as Destination Tokyo and Winged Victory. Then, in 1947, Forsythe became one the first actors to study at the prestigious Actor’s Studio, founded by Lee Strasburg, while appearing in Broadway in Mr. Roberts and The Teahouse of the August Moon.

But it was his move to television in the 50s that endeared him to a larger audience. His role in Bachelor Dad made him one of the first single parents to appear on TV, a trend that would be repeated numerous times in the years that followed. For his efforts, he received several Emmy nominations. Let’s take a look:

And now, let’s look at his portrayal of the ruthless Blake Carrington on Dynasty:

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  1. NostalgiaTV says:

    Dear Eric,

    During NBC TV’s 50th or 60th anniversary

    tv tribute.

    The show aired a rare kinnie film of an NBC TV

    adaptation of”The Teahouse Of The August Moon”.

    In that scene..Mr.Forsythe’s army officer character is

    talking on the phone with his CO.(Played by the same

    actor..who played the part in the movie version..Mr.Paul


    While he’s trying to give his report to his commander

    ..a pretty stripping Mr.Forsythe and preparing

    him for a bath.

    Believe It Or Else?!

    Thanks For Remembering Mr.John Forsythe,

    Kevin S.Butler Formerley”Nostalgia TV!”.

  2. jennifer harris says:

    He was great as Charlie in both the tv show and the movies,He was chosen for the re-make,but since he died the role is now going to be played by Robert Wagner. We has a wonderful Blake Carrington in Dynasty,too.

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