All Things Betty

Betty-WhiteIs there any celebrity getting more press than Betty White these days? Between her hilarious Super Bowl commercial to the rampant speculation over whether the 88-year old actress will actually host Saturday Night Live, the world seems enamored with all things Betty – and rightfully so.

Of course, here at Retroland, we can’t help but fondly remember all of her notable contributions over the years. Whether playing Password while her husband Allen Ludden hosted, or delighting us as The Happy Homemaker on The Mary Tyler Moore Show, or making us laugh out loud as the notoriously naïve Rose Nylund on The Golden Girls, Betty White’s comic contributions have been making the world smile for almost 60 years.

Here are a couple of classic clips for you to enjoy. Prepare to do some smiling of your own, then come back and share your memories of this brilliantly funny lady with all of us at Retroland.

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  1. mwsmedia says:

    How could you leave out Betty’s turn as the foul-mouthed lizard lover in “Lake Placid!?”

  2. Eric says:

    There is so much classic Betty White material that it would be virtually impossible to include everyone’s favorite clips! :)

  3. D-Rock says:

    Betty White came onto my radar when I started watching reruns of “The Golden Girls” several years ago. What’s not to like about her?
    I would absolutely LOVE to see Betty host SNL. I hope they do take the gamble and give it a try. There would be so many comic possibilities.

  4. jennifer harris says:

    I love Betty white in Hot in Cleveland. and in that superbowl 2010 commercial. What would happen if Rose Nylund and Sue ann Nivens met?

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