Amazin’ Fruit

Amazin' Fruit

Made with a squeeze of real juice, Amazin’ Fruit came to (ahem) fruition when Hershey’s launched a plan to take over the ever-popular gummy universe. As is the story with many a great plan, however, Gummy Bears still roam the galaxy and Amazin’ Fruit is a star that burned out far too soon. Although they may be gone, however, their extraordinary flavor is far from forgotten.

After reigning as the king of American chocolate for almost a century, Hershey’s took a bold step in 1992 to march into the gummy candy market with Amazin’ Fruit. With a series of ads that rotated heavily within children’s programming, the product was loud and proud and hardly a kid went through childhood unaware of Amazin’ Fruit.

The expectation, of course, was that the bear-shaped candies would look as they did on television, almost lifelike (or as lifelike as an animated bear could look in 1992). Yet, once the package was ripped open, it became clear that they looked far more like the traditional version of a gummy bear.

A momentary letdown perhaps, but the similarity ended upon contact with the taste buds. The first bite into one of these luscious bears was an excursion into fruit juice heaven. Yeah, they were that good (amazing, one might say). The original six flavors were pineapple, strawberry, green apple, grape, orange and cherry. The tropical-flavored versions were pretty darn tasty as well, if you were lucky enough to encounter them.

Of course, as with all things heavily marketed, the public eventually found Amazin’ Fruit a tad less amazing. Taking note, Hershey’s switched designs and proceeded to introduce a fruit-shaped version of Amazin’ Fruit.

They tasted just like the originals; they just looked different, now a visual representation of the fruity goodness packed into each bite. For a short while, Hershey’s even cross-promoted their gumminess with a number of films. Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy adorned packages for the 1996 release of Muppet Treasure Island, and the blockbuster film Jurassic Park: The Lost World resulting in the evolution of the gummy dinosaur.

Hershey eventually sold the product to Farley and Sathers in 2003, and within five years, Amazin’ Fruit disappeared completely from the market – a product so full of promise, so full of flavor, yet destined for the ever-expanding candy graveyard.

Do you remember eating packages of these fruity morsels? We’d love to hear all of your Amazin’ Fruit memories in our comments section below.

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