Aqua Net

Aqua Net

A big helmet of hair, impervious to the elements, was an important element of both 60s and 80s fashion, the latter thanks to the influence and abundance of heavy metal hair bands and mohawked punkers. And to get their locks of hair to defy the laws of gravity, these folks and their fans overwhelmingly turned to a tried and true product called Aqua Net, the aerosol-based hairspray with ultra hold.

Hairspray arrived in the late 40s, first introduced by Chase Products, although it wasn’t called that until the next decade, when beauty authority Helene Curtis coined the term. She introduced Spray Net, which was enormously successful and soon had many competitors. Aqua Net was one of them, and its sales soon surpassed Spray Net to become the industry standard.

Served up from the trademarked pink can with a fishnet graphic. Aqua Net first entered the market to help keep those beehives aloft in all but a category 5 hurricane. With a secret formula that has yet to be duplicated, a few coats of the spray, filled with plastic polymer atoms, creates a waterproof artificial coating that is virtually indestructible.

As long as one has a set of lungs big enough to hold their breath for the duration of the follicle fumigation process, Aqua Net has proven time and time again that there isn’t a mousse, gel or spray that can deliver a plastic-coated helmet of hardened hair like a good dousing of Aqua Net.

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