Aqua Velva

Aqua Velva

“There’s something about an Aqua Velva man.”

The teenage years are a troublesome time. All a boy wants to do is be found attractive by someone, and success is unlikely if one isn’t smelling their best. But hope could be found in a soothing blue liquid – as males in generations past took a cue from dear old dad and liberally splashed on the unforgettable scent of Aqua Velva.

When it comes to grooming, one has to start somewhere and for many a teenaged boy, Aqua Velva was the first foray into the world of fragrance and after-shave. With a scent not quite as manly as Old Spice, a little less macho than Brut, Aqua Velva was right up their alley. Introduced all the way back in 1929, generations of men, both young and old, doused their mugs with the blue concoction in the hopes of becoming “an Aqua Velva man.”

After shaving, a healthy splash of the clean smelling liquid upon one’s face was both invigorating and refreshing, but when following one of those first few attempts, also a glimpse into the tortuous pain that alcohol can bring to the dance with one’s first razor. You never forgot the first time you applied Aqua Velvet to an open wound, no matter how slight (much like one never forgets the first time they slam their hand in the car door).

Of course, a little (okay, a lot of) pain was a small price to pay when it came to captivating the opposite sex, and millions of boys gritted their teeth and bared the painful pleasure of a splash of Aqua Velva, a scent sure to turn the head of one’s love interest. It gave them the confidence they needed as they took that first step towards manhood – even if their insecure inner self advised them to put on a bit too much.

Truth be told, many young newbies overdid it with the Aqua Velva, thinking more was better and not understanding just how far a little dab went. In those particular cases, Aqua Velva may have actually driven more women away than it ever attracted.

That hasn’t kept it off of store shelves for almost a century though, where it is still sold to this day. Sure, there’s a lot more competition in the fragerance department than there used to be, but there remains only one blue liquid that can transform you into an Aqua Velva man.

Were you the proud wearer of Aqua Velvet in your youth, or were you the victim of someone who applied the substance a bit too liberally? We’d love to hear all of your memories of this scented blue after shave in our comments section below.

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