Few anticipated that a movie about a talking pig would bring in oodles of bacon at the box-office. But not only did Babe ham it up on the big screen and charm millions of moviegoers by being anything but a boar, the film also managed to get nominated for an Academy Award for Best Picture in 1995. Not a bad feat for a mere (though charming) swine.

The movie begins when a kindly farmer named Hoggett wins the recently-orphaned Babe at the county fair. He brings his hog home – and Babe acclimates to farm life, even managing to get adopted by Sly, the family sheepdog. Babe is feeling pretty good about things until the resident cat mentions that Babe’s fate will likely be a good ol’ fashioned farm feast. Babe decides he better make himself useful around the place, lest he he end up with an apple in his mouth.

He finds he has talent as a Shepard and that his innocent ways are far more successful than the methods employed by the farmer’s dogs. His charming demeanor, it turns out, goes a long way towards breaking down animal prejudice in the farm community – and in the outside world as well.

Thanks to a bevy of special effects, a cast full of colorful critters, including the high-pitched singing mice trio, and the charm of a simple and honest plot, Babe was a sleeper hit, beloved by folks of all ages who held a soft spot for the personable pig.

Three years later, Universal would try their luck again with Babe: Pig in the City, a decidedly darker film with the innocent pig making his way into the big city. Unfortunately, the sequel didn’t fare as well as the original, although critics were mostly favorable in their reaction. Of course, some bad reviews weren’t enough to get a happy-go-lucky pig like Babe down in the mud. He knew there was more bacon to be had in DVD sales. Today, the original film is considered a classic from the era.

If you hold fond memories of this beloved family film, we welcome them in our comments section, as we graciously tip our hats to the most famous cinematic swine to ever emerge from the big screen.

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