Barbara Walters Bids Farewell

10567972.jpgOver the last 29 years, millions of television viewers have tuned in on Oscar night, not only to watch the ceremonies, but also to watch Barbara Walters interview some of the biggest names in Hollywood. Always interesting, often provocative, there are few in the business with the ability to conduct an interview with the finesse and charm that Walters has always displayed in her distinguished career.

Well, tomorrow night sadly marks the end of an era. A few weeks ago, Walters (who, you may be surprised to learn, turned 80 in September) announced on The View that this will be her final year of providing these memorable Oscar interviews.

Let’s take a look at a classic example of one of these interviews, conducted with Cher in 1988.

Did you faithfully tune in to these specials each Oscar night? Do have a particular favorite out of the many interviews she has conducted over the last three decades? Share your thoughts on this end of an era with all of us at Retroland as we give a grateful tip of the hat to Barbara Walters.

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