BB Bats

BB Bats

Some candies are so teeth-adhesive that one wonders if a dentist invented them. And while the little rectangular suckers known as BB Bats might not have been invented by one of these white-coat-wearing sadists, they have probably made as many dentists smile as the kids that chomp into them.

BB Bats are squares of hardened taffy with a lollipop stick protruding from them. Available in four flavors – chocolate, strawberry, banana and peanut butter/molasses – they have been a penny candy staple for almost a century. They were invented all the way back in 1927 by a Kentucky confectioner named Cleve Gilliam whose Gilliam Candy Company also produced a similar products called Kits – which were basically a bite-sized version of BB Bats that could weld even the strongest jaws together in a jiffy. Some of Gilliam’s other sweet products, with names like Bacon Slice (it’s probably better that we don’t know what that is) Tummy Full and Cello Sally never quite caught on – but BB Bats sure did. Ask anyone familiar with the experience of buying penny candy at the drug store and they will likely have fond memories of these taffy pops – which were just about as sticky as a candy could ever hope to be.

In recent years, the public began to demand the return of their beloved BB Bats and their wishes were ultimately met. Today, a quick search on Google will take you to a number of sites specializing in retro candy who are eager to ship you a box or two. with one virtual swipe of the credit card, you can travel back to the days of youth, while simultaneously testing the limits of your dental work.

If you have fond memories of bringing a sack full of BB Bats home from the candy store, or remember finding a few of these treats mixed in with your Halloween bounty, we welcome your memories in our comments section, as we remember these chewy friends from yesteryear.

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  1. jennifer harris says:

    I don’t remember these!

  2. Banana was my favorite flavor. There was a little store right across the street from my elementary school. (1945 – )

  3. Beryl says:

    LOVE THE BATS!!!!!!!!!!!!! And they still taste exactly the same…

  4. Rich says:

    I Just bought a handful of theses today. Remembering how tasty these were and how long they would last if you sucked on them they were hard and somewhat brittle. WELL, was I disappointed.I unwrapped my first one. waiting for the tasty treat. It lacked tast, it was soft after less than 20 seconds I tookit out of my mouth. and it wilted over. Tried 2 more to see if it was a fluke NOPE! Garbage! Wish I could find the manufacturer and find out thier problem. Probably not made in the US. Who knows!!

  5. Robert Cvancara says:

    I had them in early 70’s Chicago

  6. D.J. Pass says:

    When we had candy like this, there was no need to floss–whatever was in your teeth stuck to the candy.

  7. amy says:

    Has there ever been a vanilla B B Bats taffy sucker. I remember one the package was white with teal writing. Any information would be very helpful. I don’t know if it was a trial or limited item. Thank You.

    • kathie says:

      Yes, there was a vanilla BB Bats lollipop. It was blue, and it was the best flavor ever. I don’t know why they don’t make it anymore. Makes me mad. :(

  8. Mike says:

    The Worrell Company discontinued B B Bats… Email them to if you would like to relive your childhood once again….

  9. Maureen says:

    I remember these from back in the seventies…Tried not to bite them, it was good fun trying to get them off your teeth lol.

  10. Kassidy may says:

    I used to eat bb bays all the time but recently I haven’t been able to buy the vanilla ones that I love. Does anyone know where I can buy them?

  11. eileen says:

    You can buy all 4 flavors of B B Bats from It is a nostalgic candy and toy store in New York….

  12. Terry says:

    I remember eating alot of those. Strawberry and choclate were my 2 favorites and they still are till this very day.

  13. roxanne says:

    I remember getting these in my Halloween treat bag all the time….I used to be allowed to have one every few days, unless my mother wanted me to be quiet…then I could have more than one…it pretty much kept my mouth glued shut! LOL

  14. Latanya Ivey says:

    The chocolate and banana flavors were awesome. I can’t believe you posted this! Thanks.

  15. maureen says: has the vanilla BB Bats

  16. Johnny C. says:

    I remember these or something like them, but the name and packaging is not familiar. 7-11 used to stock them on the bottom candy shelf. Maybe the packaging was different in the 70’s. I remember it would stick to the candy.

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