Belt Buckles

Belt Buckles

In the 70s, if decal-laden shirts and patched jeans wasn’t enough to promote your preferred philosophy, tastes in music, or even your favorite beer, there was still a little bit of bodily real estate to let the world know who you were and what you held dear. Of course, we are talking about the obligatory, over-sized belt buckle, keeping those jeans securely in place while letting the world know of your intent to “Keep on Truckin!” or whatever other declaration you needed to share.

While they may not have had the advertising space afforded by a t-shirt, the presence of the belt buckle was impossible to ignore. Usually made of a large metal plate, these buckles first gained prominence in the trucking industry before everyone realized that could say something about themselves – via a big metal billboard attached to the front of their jeans.

Perhaps it was to display your preferred choice in automobile manufacturer, your affinity for horses, or simply whether you were a Budweiser or Coors kind of guy. Maybe it was to display a telling statement, such as “Bad to the Bone,” “Born to be Wild” or the iconic “Keep on Truckin’.” Possibly, you wanted to show that you were a Led Zeppelin kind of guy or a country music aficionado. Finally, maybe you just wanted to proudly display your name or initials. No matter your preference or lifestyle, there was a large chunk of brass or steel ready to fulfill your needs.

Later decades would take the spotlight from the belt buckle and its advertising potential would diminish greatly. But for a time at least, telling the world where your product loyalties lay via a bold, gleaming metal belt buckle was the simplest way to get your point across and assert your individuality – even if millions of others were displaying their individuality with the same exact buckle.

Were you or someone you knew the proud owner of one of these prominent belt buckles back in the day? If so, We’d love to hear your memories in our comments section below.

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  1. Gina says:

    I got Dad three belt buckles last year for Christmas. They are all patriotic ones featuring bald eagles. He seems to like the non-round one featuring a eagle’s head the best. He wears it all the time!

  2. TPunk says:

    Seriously? No picture of the most ICONIC of all 1970s belt-buckles here? “You wanted the best! You GOT the BEST!! THE HOTTEST BAND IN THE WORLD…KISS!!!!

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