Bermuda Shorts

Bermuda Shorts

It’s the classic summer fashion, one that manages to make you look and feel cool at the same time. Bermuda Shorts were born from necessity rather than style, but the look spread across the globe as soon as 50s tourists got a gander of the colorful cutoffs and they are still being worn to this day.

During WWII, British soldiers stationed in the tropical island of Bermuda were allowed to wear shorts with their uniforms to stave off the stifling heat and humidity. Realizing that one could look professional while staying comfortable, local businessmen had a tailor fashion some of the shorts for their employees to wear while working. Rather than stick to drab British gray, more colorful fabric choices were made. Soon, everyone on the island was wearing what would come to be known as Bermuda Shorts.

After the war, tourists began flocking to the tropical island and wearing their Bermuda Shorts home. The fashion caught on quickly in the United States, where it became acceptable to wear them alongside more formal attire. It wasn’t uncommon to see entire families decked out in the knee-length shorts (coupled with a pair of knee-high socks, of course) when the summer months rolled around. So beloved was the fashion, it was even immortalized in song in 1957 by The Delroys.

Bermuda Shorts (not to be confused with Weird Al Yankovic’s drummer, Bermuda Schwartz) were made from the same material used for the production of slacks. Plain pastels, bright madras prints and plaid patterns were the most popular styles. Despite the occasional colorful flair, however, Bermuda Shorts have always been considered conservative attire. Paired with a blazer, they are perfectly acceptable for both the office and the leisure time afterwards.

It is easy to see why Bermuda shorts have enjoyed such longevity. Anything fashion that can help you beat the summer heat is sure to be embraced. While they tend to slip in and out of style every few years, as soon as the temperatures begin to soar yet you still need to look your finest, Bermuda Shorts have long offered the best of both worlds.

Do you have a pair of Bermuda Shorts at the ready when the weather gets warm? We’d love to hear all of your thoughts and memories of this fashionable summer wear in our comments section below.

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