Best Brady Vacation?


Today, we try to answer one of the less profound, but strangely intriguing pop culture questions of the day. And although it could be a little exclusionary for some, we suspect that there are enough hardcore fans out there to weigh in on the topic. Today’s odd little face-off asks the question – which was the coolest vacation that the Brady Bunch ever took? Before you tell us, however, perhaps we should refresh your memory a little.

As you may recall, there were three significant excursions that the Brady clan took during their television run – The Grand Canyon, Hawaii and King’s Island, OH., each of which tested the strength of the family to work as a team more than any potato sack race, and each proving in the end that there was no adversity that the Brady family couldn’t handle.

ghost-townIn the first two seasons, the family went on an annual camping trip, although these were slightly less than memorable escapes. Their third (and final) camping trip during the opening of season three proved to be far more adventurous and perilous, as they ventured to the Grand Canyon. Heck, they didn’t even get to their destination before the problems started, when an old prospector (played by Jim Backus) imprisoned the group at an old ghost town. Then, upon freeing themselves, they had to endure a grueling pack mule trip to the basin of the Grand Canyon. Finally, settling in at their campsite, they became most unsettled as Bobby and Cindy disappeared in the night without a trace. Little did they know that the youngest pair of siblings were only delivering a flashlight filled with beans to their new Native-American friend, who had run away to become an astronaut. Things all worked out in the end with each member of the family ceremoniously getting their new Indian name.

hawaiiFor the opening of season four in 1972, their destination was the tropical islands of Hawaii, where things were turned up a few notches. Treacherous spiders crawled on Peter, Bobby almost got clobbered with a wall hanging, Greg dangerously wiped out in his big surfing debut, and a disgruntled archeologist, played by none other than Vincent Price, decided to capture the boys in a dark cave – all of this because Bobby decided to mess with an ancient tiki statue. Much like their previous vacation, the family ends up celebrating with the locals in the end, as they pig out at a luau.

At King’s Island, a relaxing getaway turned into chaos, as the kids managed to lose a tube containing dad’s important architectural drawings somewhere within a bustling amusement park. Working together, however, they scoured the park and, just in the nick of time, solved the mystery of the missing plans. Their mission accomplished, they all took a gleefully terrifying ride on the big roller coaster, scaring the muffins out of their trusty housekeeper, Alice, who somehow remained able to smile after being dragged along on three of these harrowing vacations. This will refresh your memory:

So, which of these popular episodes do you recollect most fondly as you scan back through those television memory banks? As a kid, which of these locations did you dream of visiting, and were maybe even just a little envious that the Brady family got there before you? Share all those Brady Bunch memories with us as we fondly recall these remarkable retro family excursions.

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  1. tcoria77 says:

    for me hawaii, was the best vacation that they took, i always wanted to go there, and my granny stayed there when i was a little girl.
    definitely hawaii for me!!!

  2. Allie Fox says:

    It’s hard to say really. Each vacation made an impression on me as a kid.

    The King’s Island was memorable because my Grandfather lived near the park and we would go there whenver we visited him during the summer.

    The Grand Canyon trip stands out mostly because of the little indian boy. After Bobby and Cyndi brought the indian boy the hot dogs and beans in a flashlight I couldn’t wait to do it myself. I still haven’t gotten the chance.

    However, who could forget the trip to Hawaii?
    Vincent Price? Oscar (was that his name?) the Tiki and THE idol.
    Doodle-a-dooo. Even a cliffhanger. Where’s Greg?

    Hawaii it is.

  3. HardyGirl66 says:

    I agree w/ Hawaii too. Surf, sand, tikis, curses, abduction, Vincent Price, that cute Hawaiian guy….this ep had it all!

  4. AmandaByNight says:

    YES! Hawaii. Vincent Prince FTW!

    It was also a very creepy episode when I kid. The spider was icky!

  5. Janet says:

    The King’s Island episode was the dumbest of the three, I think, but as a kid I was captivated by all the Bradys running through the park with the sketches.

  6. jennifer harris says:

    I loved the King’s island.

  7. Dana:The Totally Awesome Dude says:

    The Amusement park one, the best of the last season, I just love the usage of the Lone Ranger (William Tell) Theme!

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