Big Blue Marble


Long before the ability to make friends globally via the World Wide Web was possible, there was a simple television show that focused attention on the planet in which we live and the variety of diverse people that call it their home. Big Blue Marble was an innovative and educational kid’s show well before its time, and it’s remembered by many a former kid.

Created by Henry Fownes, Big Blue Marble debuted on PBS in 1974 and offered a view of the planet Earth in all her glorious splendor. Broadcast in many countries around the world besides the United States, this half-hour show with a magazine format focused on exotic cultures and events spanning the globe. And it did its part to bring all of these cultures just a little closer by encouraging young viewers to become pen pals with kids in other countries. Some of the relationships initiated by this show continue to this day.

Big Blue Marble ran for nine seasons on PBS, and was the recipient of a prestigious Peabody Award in 1975, as well as numerous Emmy awards. An album was released by A&M Records in 1974 that contained music from the show, including that catchy theme song that still resides in the memory banks of many a former viewer.

If you remember watching Big Blue Marble in your youth, we’d love to hear any memories you’d like to share in our comments section.

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