Big Red

Big Red

So kiss a little longer,
Stay close a little longer
Pull tight a little longer; longer with Big Red!
That Big Red freshness lasts right through it.
Your fresh breath goes on and on while you chew it.
Say goodbye a little longer, make it last a little longer,
Give your breath long-lasting freshness with Big Red!

With a jingle that could stick in your brain like a wad of gum on your shoe, Big Red wasted no time in making sure they were noticed in the ever competitive chewing gum market. The ad campaign paired with the adhesive song would make Big Red the most popular cinnamon gum on the market, where it remains to this day.

Debuting in 1975, courtesy of Wrigley Chewing Gum, Big Red packed a punch of cinnamon flavor into each stick, sure to make the breath fresher and instigate kissing, if the commercials were any indication. It would seem that all that ever happened on a Big Red commercial was a bunch of people in amorous lip-lock. No endearing little cartoon characters, no visual floods of flavor washing over your tongue, nothing but a bunch of kissing.

As it turned out, nothing else was needed to sell this gum … well, except a catchy jingle. In case you are wondering to whom we owe our collective appreciation for this memorable ditty, it was composer Peter Cofield from the New York ad agency, Sunday Productions. So popular was the jingle that Wrigley used it continuously from 1979 to 1998, ensuring that it was firmly planted into our pop culture consciousness.

In 2001, Big Red’s flavor was updated to add more “boldness”, which probably just means they added a little more cinnamon. In 2003, the company began using a combination of artificial sweeteners and sugar to make it a bit more tooth-friendly, but one assumes it remained just as bold.

Regardless, it is a gum that is thoroughly ingrained into every person who ever stepped foot into the 70’s and 80’s decades. You couldn’t escape the song then, and there is a good possibility that you can’t escape it right now. That’s the power of advertising.

If you happened to walk around chewing Big Red back in the day, we’d love to hear any thoughts you might muster in our comments section. Now, go hum that jingle for the rest of the day.

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  1. I also liked the doublemint jingle. This gum was also made by wrigleys.

  2. Jonette Green says:

    I remember the jingle very well… as I read it, the music and cadence of the song went right along with the words.

    I had always been hooked on cinnamon-flavored anything from the cinnamon toothpicks and atomic fireballs to hot tamales, red hots and big red.

    As an adult, I enjoy a certain cinnamon-flavored schnapps as well.

    As a teenager and young adult, I always had Big Red packs stashed everywhere: my bedroom, living room, dining room, my cars, my boyfriend’s car and all over his house. In my lockers and in my desk. In my purse and in my pocket. I made sure I was never without Big Red. You never knew when an opportunity to kiss would come up! To this day, I call it my kissing gum… hmmm, wonder where I got that notion?

  3. Mystic Dragon says:

    There was also a Big Red Gum commercial from the 1970s, on both TV and radio, that was western-themed, and had a cowboy in it. It also had a man singing:


    Chew the gum called Big Red
    With a bold clean bite
    And a big strong flavor
    That’s bound to get you right

    Big Red…

    Chew the gum called Big Red
    That’s apart from the rest
    And captures the spirit
    Of the Big Wild West!

    Big Red…


    Can you also post this commercial? I like it better than the 80s one.

  4. Johnny C. says:

    love that jingle, my non-chewing gum of choice in the 70’s – I think I had a sophisticated palate for an 8 year old :-)

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