One of the more popular sitcoms among the youngsters of the early 90s, Blossom consistently delivered the laughs each week for five seasons on NBC. And if you were one of the many adolescents tuning in, there was a pretty good chance you learned a life lesson or two along the way.

Named after a jazz singer, Blossom Russo (Mayim Bialik) was a fun-loving teenager despite the many curveballs life had thrown her way. When her mother selfishly abandoned the family to pursue a career, Blossom was forced to adjust to being the sole female among her household kin.

Besides her father Nick, a professional musician, Blossom shared the home with her two brothers – Tony, a recovering alcoholic and Joey, a dim-witted jock whose vocabulary primarily consisted of the word “whoa.” The only female Blossom regularly interacted with was her best friend, Six, a motor-mouthed teenager who had a wonderful knack for getting them both in trouble.

Blossom, which debuted in 1991, turned to New Orleans musician Dr. John for its theme song, a catchy ditty called “My Opinionation,” which the cast playfully danced to in the opening credits. The show hit its stride in the third season, thanks to the directorial contributions of familiar television face Bill Bixby (Courtship of Eddie’s Father, The Incredible Hulk). The ratings rose considerably during his tenure. Sadly, he was battling cancer at the time and passed away during production of the fourth season. Blossom would sustain itself for one more year before being cancelled.

Most fans will remember the words “Tonight, on a very special Blossom …” which preceded seemingly any episode that would present topical or serious subject matter. It was a phrase used often, for Blossom didn’t shy away from the real-world issues that hit close to home among teenagers. As a result, real-world teenagers watched the show in droves and even managed to learn a few lessons in the process.

Do you have fond memories of tuning into Blossom each week? Have a favorite episode you’d like to mention? We hope you’ll share your recollections of this memorable 90s sitcom with us in our comments section.

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