Body on Tap

Body on Tap

An icy bottle of beer has long been considered the perfect remedy to a hard day’s work, but its miraculous powers go far beyond its ability to relax and refresh. It’s also long been recognized as a great way to bring some life back to a dull and listless head of hair. But since most people would rather drink their beer than pour it on their head, Bristol Myers decided to introduce some suds into their hair care products in 1978 and the result was Body on Tap shampoo.

Sold in a container that looked quite similar to a common tall-neck beer bottle, Body on Tap worked wonders, inebriating the follicles and giving them a fuller, softer appearance, even under the rigorous demands of those 70s blow dryers which were the nemesis of healthy hair. And while modern hair care products may boast an impressive list of exotic ingredients, they are usually found in minute quantities. A container of bottle of Body on Tap shampoo, on the other hand, contained 30 percent beer.

Of course, all good things must eventually come to an end. And even though Body on Tap was an effective product, it still contained a substance that some felt might be glorifying the adult beverage to the younger generations. The company discontinued Body on Tap shampoo until they could reformulate it, removing the politically incorrect ingredient from its label. Looking back, however, it seems a little absurd. The likelihood of a bunch of juvenile delinquents gathering on their favorite street corner to wash down a couple of icy bottles of shampoo was probably never a realistic danger.

If one were to look in your 1970s shower, would they find a bottle of Body on Tap shampoo? We’d love to hear your thoughts on this memorable hair care product in our comments section below.

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