Bottle Caps

Bottle Caps

Two dietary staples of childhood, candy and soda pop, decided to join forces in 70s. The result was a big green pouch of colorful confections called Bottle Caps. Made by the visionaries over at the Willy Wonka Candy Company, they are still delighting taste buds to this day.

Bottle Caps hit store shelves in 1972. Packaged in the aforementioned green paper pouch, they were about the size of a quarter and shaped to resemble a pre-twist-off bottle cap, complete with ridges around the edges and a concave underside. They came in five flavors representing their liquid counterpart – grape, cola, orange, root beer and lemon-lime.

They had a hard, powdery consistency, not unlike Smarties. They had a hint of tartness to them, which somewhat mimicked the acidity of a carbonated soft drink. This has led some people to remember the originals as having a fizzy quality. They did not – at least not until the advent of Fizzy Bottle Caps, a short-lived spin-off of the original candy.

Sadly, those big green pouches belong to the ages. Today, Bottle Caps are packaged in cardboard boxes and can often be found alongside other “movie candy” offerings. They are also much smaller than the originals and now have a flat underside. For those fond of the lemon-lime flavor from yesteryear, those were replaced with cherry.

Not to despair. Though they aren’t quite the same Bottle Caps as those from the glory days of decades past, the cola and root beer flavors (which were always the hands-down favorites) still taste the same as they always have. One bite harkens back to the days of purchases from the local 7-Eleven or the ice cream man, then walking away with that big green pouch sticking out of your back pocket, a hybrid of soda pop and candy ready to be devoured.

If you were a fan of Bottle Caps back in the day, we’d love to hear your memories of this classic candy in our comments section below!

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  1. Dena Strait says:

    These are wonderful and I am glad they are still on the market.

  2. Ben Goozner says:

    Yes! I used to love buying Bottle Caps! I remember buying them at this drugstore when I lived in New Jersey along with Wacky Packages and ,Reeds Candy, and Garbage Pail Candy. Larry and Lakeside Phamacy here in Reston used to sell them till Lakeside Pharmacy closed last year. Luckly I found Bottle Caps at this candy store in Tysons Corner. It’s great that they are still around but you are right they used to be better back in the 70’s. I used to like the root bear flavor back then.

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