Bubble Tape

Bubble Tape

Five sticks not enough gum for you? A Big Pack too small for your Violet Beauregarde tendencies? Have we got the solution for you. Created by the makers of Hubba Bubba, Bubble Tape was the thing for kids and teens to chew in the 90s. That little canister in your pocket meant you had six full feet of chewing pleasure ready to be rolled out in whatever quantity necessary.

Bubble Tape was unique: a six-foot length of gum wrapped in a spiral and plunked into a small plastic container about the size of a hockey puck. Once the user put the gum through the slot, it could be dispensed like tape and a kid could grab as much or as little as they wanted. Or, if they were feeling particularly gluttonous, one could pop the top off and consume the whole thing. Not that the folks at Retroland would recommend or condone such a thing. Seriously, them’s a lot of bubbles – as discovered by anyone who found out the hard way.

Today, Bubble Tape, produced by the fine folks at Wrigley, is available at most convenience and grocery stores, with flavors ranging from the original ‘bubblegum’ flavor to grape and watermelon. They even have a “dentist-recommended” sugar-free version, as well as nine and ten-foot rolls, in case the six-foot mouthful just isn’t enough to get your bubble on.

If a roll of Bubble Tape regularly found it’s way to your childhood pockets, we welcome your memories of the gum that just kept giving in our comments section, as we tip of hat to any manufacture that would give us six feet of candy at a time.

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