Bump in the Night

Bump in the Night

Bedroom-dwelling monsters, those things that go bump in the night, have suffered from some pretty bad PR over the years. It would take the popular 90s series, Bump in the Night, to shed some new light on the creatures who lurk in the shadows and show them to be the friendly companions they truly are.

Leading the cause was a lovable green bug-eyed rascal named Mr. Bumpy, a monster who would occasionally venture out from under the bed, just looking for a midnight snack of dust bunnies and dirty socks. The Bed was occupied by “the boy” a ten-year-old who helped the best he could by leaving pre-chewed gum on the bedpost for his monster friend to eat. Over in the bathroom was blue blob in the toilet, the compulsively clean Squishington, who was friends with Mr. Bumpy. Then there was Molly Coddle, a Frankenstein-esque rag doll sewn together from various mismatched parts. She was the voice of reason in the group, when she wasn’t busy reattaching her limbs.

Mr. Bumpy didn’t have time to scare anyone. He was too busy competing for the boy’s affection with Destructo, a prized remote-controlled robot, or fending off the evil closet monster, a pile of clothing that forever taunted the lovable green guy. And at the end of each episode, all the gang would assemble at “Mr. Bumpy’s Karaoke Café” for rousing renditions of both original and cover music.

State-of-the-art stop-motion animation techniques brought Mr. Bumpy and the gang to life and made for a memorable viewing experience each Saturday morning. The show would run for two seasons, starting in 1994, and a year later, the Twas the Night Before Bumpy christmas special was aired. The original episodes and the special are all available on DVD, for all those with fond memories of those creepy and comical critters that occasionally went bump in the night – and didn’t manage to scare everyone in the process.

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