A nice cool drink is a welcome addition to any hot day, but how many beverage containers conveniently convert into a super-soaking toy after consumption? Actually, there is only one that we know of and thy name is Burple. What’s that you say? You don’t remember Burple? One can hardly blame you, for this was a very short lived product, only appearing on the market for a couple of years in the late 80s. But if you were a proud member of the Burple demographic during that era, you might just remember these accordion-esque containers that packed some punch. Let’s remember together, shall we?

Burple consisted of a plastic expandable container that was filled with a flavored sugary powder purported to include actual juice. Stretch out the container, add some water, and shake vigorously and you became the proud parent of a fruit-flavored beverage, one that tasted remarkably similar to Kool-Aid. Five different varieties were available -strawberry, grape, cherry, orange and peach.

If you happened to glance at the label while you were consuming your Burple, it included valuable information about how to convert your container into a pretty powerful squirt gun (and we’re talking way before the advent of the Super Soaker). Simply poke a hole in the cap, rinse out the sticky Burple remnants and fill the extended container with water. Hold, aim, squeeze and proceed to soak your siblings and friends. Let’s see Tang compete with that!

So, let’s hear from all you former fans of Burple. Was it a part of your school lunchbox, or did the Burple only get broken out during summer? Was there a particular flavor you preferred? Share your memories of all things Burple in our comments section as we give the proper respect to this juice/toy hybrid whose time on Earth was way too short. Burple, we hardly knew ya.

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  1. Desiree Hutton says:

    OH boy do I remember this…lets just say it much better to add water than tequila :/

  2. J. Best says:

    I only had Burple one time when I was younger. My mom bought it and just so happened I got stung by a bee in the face that day. To make me feel better my mom made the Burple while I sat and watched. I tried it and liked it but then got very sick and threw up many times. Found out I had a pretty good reaction to the bee sting. But mom being mom she was convinced it was the Burple that made me sick so I was never allowed to have it again.

  3. scooter says:

    OH MY GOD I LOVED BURPLE! It was so much fun!

  4. Drahken says:

    I had a purple burple (and yes, I loved saying “purple burple” over & over again as a kid, driving everyone around me nuts in the process). I never used it as a squirt gun, but I did refill it with kool-aid (or more likely wylers) numerous times. The burple was a great concept, but was very unstable when fully extended, it was often difficult to keep it standing upright.
    I also enjoyed using it as a noisemaker, opening & closing it repeatedly.

    Does anyone remember the similar concept storage containers that came out around the same time? They had large openings instead of the small bottle type ones, and the commercials bragged about how you could shrink the container as the food inside was consumed, thus wasting less space (in theory). It was strange, the accordion containers were a big fad for a short time, then abruptly vanished without a trace.

  5. mike roberts says:

    Now I know where Blossom (from the early 90’s tv show) got her clothes and her dance moves from!

  6. Shannon says:

    I loved Burple… But none of my friends know what Im talking about.

  7. Leann says:

    I was kinda onry with my “purple Burple”. In high school I took mine to field day with vodka in it. Gesh! We all thought we were cool passing it around before the events. The stuff kids do! No, thank God I’m not an alcoholic. I sure wish I still had some of my old 80’s toys.

  8. Josh says:

    I remember it well I can only remember the purple burple probably beacuse thats all mom bought but it was good and the containers were fun to annoy the parents with, Probably why I dont have any of the containers anymore 😉

  9. Carleva Jones says:

    I actually still have a red bottle right here beside me. My mom keeps EVERYTHING! I just found this today in her basement. I remember them soooo wellll! My daughter is excited about using it to drink out of now.

  10. Chris says:

    I was young but I remember playing with the old containers. That was really cool. I wish it was still around.

  11. Kelly moore says:

    I loved the graphics and strawberry

  12. Kelly moore says:

    I love this drink but it’s almost like everyone one I have grown up with doesn’t remember it but I can see how they don’t my mom bought it for us at least 3 times a week one of each flavor.

  13. Audrey Bolin says:

    I remembered a summeresque thirst-quenching experience in my childhood backyard where I enjoyed drinking a purple Burple and told my husband about it. That I’d how I ended up on his smart phone to write about it. I stated to him before getting here that the contractable container was sturdy , like a toy, I had no idea of the liable and how to have made the water gun.

  14. RH says:

    I can remember the Burples. I loved the way they tasted. But even more so I loved the bottles they came in. I thought they would make a great, small profile reusable container for limited space for taking to school and while out working on the farm & at my factory job too. My mom however didn’t share my vision about that. When I’d get done drinking my Burple I’d put the bottle in the sink for washing. Then when I’d take out the trash, I’d find my Burple bottle. I’d put it Back in the sink, then she’d put it Back in the garbage. So I washed it & took it to my room. Mom would clean & toss my Burple bottle Again. This happened Every time, with Every Burple bottle. Needless to say, this got very, Very aggravating for both of us.

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