C3P0s Cereal

C3P0s cereal

“A new force at breakfast”

The year was 1984, and humanity had already been treated to a trilogy of science fiction films that would become one of the genres most successful franchises ever, Star Wars. With a marketing machine in full stride, it was no wonder that, alongside all the toys, posters, comics, sleeping bags, lunchboxes, etc., the breakfast cereal aisles of the nation would want to get in on the action. With everyone’s favorite droid serving as friendly pitchman, C3P0s traveled from a galaxy far, far away to the breakfast tables of Earth.

Introduced by Kellogg’s, C3P0s were similar to Cheerios in appearance, although they were shaped like the numeral eight, or more colorfully – the result of “twin rings phased together for two crunches in every double-O.” Television commercials featured C3P0 and his trusty sidekick, R2D2 engaged in various intergalactic adventures with a bowl of crunchy cereal bits always close at hand. Each box also usually included some form of movie collectible, such as stickers or cutout masks of the film’s characters.

Unfortunately, even with one of the most recognizable robots in history as a pitchman, and even with the help of some cool merchandise and flashy television commercials, it wasn’t enough to mask the fact that C3P0s were an unsweetened cereal that didn’t appeal enough to the sugar-addicted youth of our planet. It is assumed that, eventually, the droids simply picked up their figure-eight-shaped cereal offerings and moved on to a more accepting galaxy.

If your childhood included pouring a heaping bowl of C3P0s before school, or if you missed out on all the brief fun, we welcome your recollections in our comments section, as we reflect upon this short but memorable chapter in cereal history.

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  1. jennifer harris says:

    I don’t think I’ve had C3pos cereal. May the force be with you!

  2. Damien says:

    This was my favorite cereal ever!!! At first, I didn’t really like it, just like every other kid (and all the kids HAD to have it when it came out, no one liked it, I guess due to it being unsweetened).

    But after I tried it a few more times (determined to get on board with what the droids were selling) I decided there really was something to it. It tasted like a less sweet honeycomb crossed with corn pops and it grew on you! Before you knew it I was awash in C3P0 cereal, because no one else liked it and I was easily able to score the un-eaten boxes from all my friends.

    The force was with me, and I was convinced I’d finally found the best cereal ever… and just as quickly it was discontinued and gone. I can still remember the taste clearly though… num num num!

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