Candy Buttons

Candy Buttons

There is no rule that states that candy must be complex to win the approval of a child. It needn’t have a bunch of stripes, nor be available in a dozen flavors. You can simply drop it on paper, give it a little color and kids will gnaw on it like it’s their last meal. You know them as Candy Buttons.

For generations of kid consumers, candy buttons have offered a big bang for the buck in the sugar high department. Imagine little candy droplets adhered to a white strip of what basically looked like adding machine paper in neat little rows. Inexpensive, they were an easy and compelling choice – sugar domes in every color of the rainbow (or at least pink, yellow and blue) enticing you to bite them off. While they were marketed as containing multiple flavors, they really all just tasted like sugar – and there was nothing wrong with that.

The trick was to figure out the best way to eat the candy. Some preferred to pick them off one by one. Others preferred to use their teeth, either scraping them off a few at a time, or nipping them off individually. Either way, there always seemed to be a bit of paper stuck to the backside – leaving kids with a choice… wait for the candy to dissolve and pick out the paper from their mouth, or go for broke and swallow it down with the rest of the candy. Most just swallowed the paper. Heck, most kids would swallow dirt, what’s a little paper among friends?

In America today, candy buttons are a product of the New England Confectionery Company. You might know them better by the acronym, NECCO. That’s right, they are the same fine folks that bring us those yummy wafers and Sweethearts Conversation Hearts. And along with the teensy-weensy little candy button strips, one might say NECCO has achieved a nostalgic candy trifecta of sorts – candy that has stood the test of time and just keeps on giving.

If you were a fan of candy buttons as a kid, we welcome your recollections in our comments section as we remember this simple sugary treat.

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  1. Jennifer harris says:

    the last time I had these was a i980’s trip to Crossroads Villiage with my parents,bro,Aunts,Uncles and Cousins,and Grandparents.

  2. mike mason says:

    I wet the back of the paper strip and the candy came right off with no paper:)

  3. Johnny C. says:

    I think these were already retro when I first tried them in the 70’s…tasted like paste with bits of paper stuck to it. Not a fond memory.

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