Capri Sun

Capri Sun

You can’t let your kid go thirsty during lunch period or on those long field trips, but the choices haven’t always been plentiful. Milk is nutritious, but not so tasty without refrigeration. You can drink soda warm, but it isn’t exactly healthy. Desperate parents rejoiced in the early 80s with the debut of Capri Sun, a juice beverage sold within a handy metal pouch.

The concept of Capri Sun was first developed by a gentleman named Rudolph Wild, all the way back in 1966. He started the German beverage company that bears his name, WILD, and sought to create foods and beverages that utilized simple and natural ingredients. Capri Sonne was one of his innovations, a sweet and tasty juice beverage packaged in foil pouches. In 1981, Kraft Foods began marketing this product in the US under the name Capri Sun.

Sold in kid-sized, 6.75-ounce, portions, Capri Sun pouches have a hole in the center that is easily pierced by the provided plastic straw. They easily fit into any lunchbox or paper bag and refrigeration is not required, making them a preferred choice for parents. There are a multitude of flavor choices available,from the typical orange, apple, cherry and lemon/lime, to the more tropical Mountain Cooler, Pacific Cooler, Banana Blast and Pina Mango.

Granted, Capri Sun was not entirely without its faults, namely the fact that it contained a fairly decent amount of sugar. To its credit, the company has made a significant effort in recent years to not only reduce the sugar content in all of its beverages, but to also offer 100% juice versions of the popular drink, as well as a line of fruit-flavored water. Introduced in 2003, the Capri Sun Sport line also includes essential electrolytes for athletic kids.

Creating a beverage treat that pleases youngsters and parents alike is no easy undertaking, but Capri Sun has clearly cornered the market, thanks in no small part to the convenience factor of their handy pouches, which are typically sold in boxes of ten. And as far as technological innovation goes, perhaps none has ever been quite so quenching.

If Capri Sun was a regular part of your childhood lunches, we welcome all of your thoughts in our comments section, as we look back fondly on these flavorful friends.

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