Cast The Castaways!

Gilligan's IslandEver since Variety magazine reported on Tuesday that Gilligan’s Island is headed to the big screen, numerous groups have been pondering who will be cast in each of the seven familiar roles. And we’re sure that you have some ideas of your own.

Let’s start by taking a glance back at the original cast. And to be fair, we decided to include both the “and the rest…” original version (actually, a rare colorized version of the original) and the later version, which finally credits the previously neglected Professor and Mary Ann.

So, what are the casting ideas that have been floated around? Original producer, Sherwood Schwartz seem to prefer Michael Cera as Gilligan, and Beyonce as Ginger. Fox411 would like to see William Shatner, skippering the doomed voyage (and let’s face it, could The Minnow be in hands more competent than that of James T. Kirk?). This article from USA Today offers plenty of suggestions, but we want to hear your casting thoughts. Share your ideas with us at Retroland, as we all prepare for yet another three hour tour.

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  1. NostalgiaTV says:

    Dear Eric,

    I’m not fond of the idea of a feature film version of

    “Gilligan’s Island”.

    There is no way that Mr.Schwartz can recreate the wonderful performnaces that the original cast gave to all of us over 40 years

    ago on CBS TV.

    Nor can any movie star or would be comedy performer try to

    perform those skits that talented people like Mr.Denver and Mr.Hale

    did on the original series.

    Mr.Shanter trying to do physical comedy? You’ve got to be kidding?!

    He is not a slapstick performer and I’ve seen him try to do comedy in the movie “Airplane II”..forget It!

    No One and I mean No one will ever try to successfully recreate that show..Please Mr.Schwartz..Please leave”Gilligan Island”alone and try to create something new original and good! and with true slapstick performers.

  2. princessdiana says:

    Dawn Wells,Tina Louise, and Russell Johnson are still alive.the rest of the cast are dead.

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