Cereal Box Archive

Cereal Box Archive

Through half-opened eyes and a cloud of sleep-deprived fog, we stared at them intently every morning while shoveled their contents into our mouth. That box of breakfast cereal greeted and enthralled us each day. And yet, take a walk down the cereal aisle today and only a handful of favorites from yesteryear remain – and most of those are barely recognizable. Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a place to go, where you could revisit the glory days of breakfast cereal boxes?

Ask and ye shall receive. Over here at cerealbits.com, they have amassed an impressive cereal box archive of some of the most beloved breakfast foods of all-time. Looking for some retro Alpha-Bits, Quisp or Count Chocula? You’ll find them here, along with plenty that were once brave enough to proudly display the word “sugar” in the title.

Say, for example:

Check out this interesting cereal box archive, experience a blast-from-the-past or two – then, come back and share your memories of your favorite breakfast cereals with all of us at Retroland in our comments section.

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  1. Easyreader says:


    I really craved this cereal!! I remember it like yesterday…..

    Saturday morning….any Saturday morning in 1973, I was 6.
    I climbed out of bed at 6:55an. Tip-toed past my parents bedroom and went into the kitchen. I poured Fruit Brute into a bowl with milk and added more sugar….it was already sweet…but I liked sugar!

    I flipped on the TV and Channel 10 was warming up! The test pattern vanished and I was informed how many megahertz the station ran on. Then the Hanna Barbera Hour came on at 7! Snagglepss and Yogi til 8am when it ended with a sing-a-long that I sang along to… finally waking my parents!

    I stuffed my face with sugary Fruit Brute until I was hyperactive!
    I even saved box tops to send off for a glow in dark light switch cover with the Brute reminding me to save energy and turn off those lights!!!

    Thanks Retroland for acknowledging a great cereal!

  2. HardyGirl66 says:

    I’m very familiar w/ this website and have had it bookmarked for years. I love way too many classic and present cereals to post just one fave. I was lucky enough to have a mom who permitted me to try all the sugary goodness of all the cereals that came out in my lifetime, as long as 3 times a week I ate the healthy stuff. Back then eating cereal was an experience; from the cereal mascot’s exploits (on the box or TV ads), the prize in (or ON) the box, and of course, the taste. Even now, I continue to have my sugary bliss on Saturday mornings during my 3 hour cartoon block, and remember the good ole days.

  3. popcult69 says:

    Good ole days indeed….still enjoy a bowl of kid’s cereal (well, we’re all young at heart) every once in a while, brings back fond memories. Alpha Bits (remember the Halloween record on the back?), Boo Berry (hard to find around here, but I have in the past), Count Chocula (featured prominently on “Freaks and Geeks”), Body Buddies (one store here carried it for a while after the novelty wore off), etc.

    Would be great to find some of the classics, have them brought back to all of the grocery stores…

  4. jennifer harris says:

    too many to mention!

  5. i loved cereal. all i had for breakfast before school,any kind.

  6. Nae says:

    I would love to go into a store and see a box of Waffleos both original and Blueberry. I LOVED THAT CEREAL. I was so happy to be able to go online and buy a case yes case of Quisp. The same need to be done for waffelos. Waffle crisp is so not the same.

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