When it comes to the confection called a Chick-O-Stick, people fall into one of two camps. The first has eyed them in the candy aisle, an odd tube of something wrapped in plastic and devoid of chocolate. These folks usually keep their distance. The other group understands that this is one unique and tasty treat, worthy of every penny. Thankfully, the latter buys enough Chick-O-Sticks to ensure that they stick around, as they have for over six decades.

Introduced by the Atkinson Candy Company in 1938, and similar in texture to a Butterfinger without the chocolate coating, the Chick-O-Stick is an orange colored rod that comes wrapped in cellophane. The center is a combination of hardened sugar and peanut butter that is dusted with a delectable layer of ground coconut. They are a little messy to eat, as they tend to crumble easily.

In the early years, the packaging featured a cartoon image of a chicken wearing a cowboy hat. As it turned out, this (along with the name) confused consumers, some of whom assumed that a Chick-O-Stick was a fowl-flavored cracker. It also fueled the rumor mill, with some suggesting that the candy was made from chicken bones. The reality is that they are actually vegan friendly.

The package states that you should “share with a friend or save a piece for later.” A word of warning though; once you have opened a Chick-O-Stick, it is best to eat it soon. As the product sits exposed to the elements, it tends to absorb moisture, which significantly reduces that wonderful brittleness, leaving something a little more chewy and a little less appetizing.

The Chick-O-Stick, unfortunately, is one of those candies that many people pass up in the candy aisle, perhaps because they aren’t exactly sure what it is. But those that have experienced their unique flavor tend to become lifelong fans of these tasty confections – which is why, after all these years, they remain in existence. It’s a word of mouth thing, and thy word is “delicious.”

If you are a fan of Chick-O-Sticks, or if you just stared at them, wondering what they were, we hope you take a moment to share your thoughts with all of us in our comments section below.

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