Chips Ahoy!

1963 was a good year for cookie lovers, thanks to the introduction of Chips Ahoy! Though maybe not as good as the homemade version, Chips Ahoy! were certainly a fine and addictive substitute. Paired with a generous glass of ice-cold milk (much like a glass of wine paired with a gourmet meal), it was entirely possibly to devour the whole bag in one sitting, leaving you pawing your way through cookie fragments hiding at the bottom.

Chock full of chocolate, the claim to fame for Chips Ahoy! was that they bet you, the cookie eater, that you couldn’t bite into one of their cookies without biting into the chip. The only tactic with a remote chance of success was to nibble slowly and with pinpoint accuracy – Chips Ahoy! definitely didn’t skimp on the chips. Never before was losing a challenge so sweetly satisfying and worthy of a bag-full of repeated attempts.

By the time the 1980s rolled around, Chips Ahoy! had branched into different cookie styles, such as chewy, sprinkled (a party in every bite!) and striped (making it much more difficult to avoid the chocolate – not that any of us were trying very hard, truth be told). During the 90s, perhaps at a height of popularity for the famous cookie, their slogan got a facelift and promised one thousand chips in every bag.

To emphasize this point, the company launched the “Chips Ahoy! 1,000 Chips Challenge” in 1999, asking the public to try and devise the most creative way to confirm there are a least 1,000 chocolate chips in each bag of their delicious cookies. Interestingly enough, the United States Air Force took them up on their challenge and a group of cadets studying statistics were able to confirm, through a detailed scientific analysis, that at least 93 percent of all bags contain over 1000 chips. Who knew that chocolate chip cookies were doing their part to help train the boys in blue?

Of course, the Air Force admitted one other little tidbit: of the hundreds of bags of cookies that were donated to them, only a small portion were actually used for testing purposes. The rest were used to “fuel the study” so to speak. In other words, these dedicated servicemen were just as addicted to these tasty snacks as the public at large. It would seem that Chips Ahoy! cookies possess the same addictive quality as their fellow junk food entity, the potato chip. Once you have opened the bag, you cannot eat just one.

Were Chips Ahoy! cookies part of your balanced diet back in the day? Did you prefer to soften them up with a lengthy dunk in a cold glass of milk? Were you known to finish up a bag all by your lonesome? Share all of those memories with us in our comments section as we fondly remember these beloved cookie treats at Retroland.

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  1. Gary Sanders says:

    During the 60’s and 70’s Chips Ahoy had very few chocolate chips in each cookie. I noticed that the average was about 4. Then at some point they did an about face and began putting a lot of chips in each cookie, living up to the expectations of the name. I don’t know when this happened, or why; but I was certainly glad this changed.

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