The discontinued candy graveyard is filled with confections that once delighted us in our youth, yet for one reason or another, dropped off the radar. Such was the case with a sweet treat from the 70s called Choco’Lite, an airy candy bar consisting of whipped milk chocolate and something described on the wrapper as “crispy chips.” To many, they were one of the tastiest candy bars ever made. And then, without warning of fanfare, they disappeared from store shelves. Today, they are but a memory.

Introduced by Nestlé in 1972, the Choco’Lite bar consisted of milk chocolate that was whipped, resulting in numerous air pockets that made it much less dense than the typical candy bar. It was given texture thanks to the aforementioned “crispy chips” which remain somewhat of a mystery. Unlike a Nestlé Crunch bar, which uses puffed rice to achieve its crunch, the Choco’Lite bar contained no rice, nor anything else mentioned in the ingredients that would account for the crispy texture. To this day, people still debate what gave these bars that distinctive taste, but one thing that seems universally agreed upon is that they were one-of-a-kind and delicious.

Today, you will not find a Choco’Lite bar in any of the many available retro candy outlets. Some point to the modern Nestlé Aero bar as a suitable substitute, but it really bears little resemblance. Sure, it’s light and airy, thanks to its use of whipped chocolate, but gone are those enigmatic crispy chips that gave the Choco’Lite its distinctive crunch. And, while we are all left to ponder what exactly made these confections so special, there is little disagreement that they were wonderful – a treat from yesteryear, both fondly remembered and sorely missed.

If you have fond memories of biting into a Nestlé Choco’Lite candy bar back in the day, we hope you’ll share your recollections with us in our comments section, as we tip our hats to this mysterious delicacy from our collective youth.

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  1. Drahken says:

    I’ve never heard of “choco’lite” bars per se, but I loved aerobars in the 80s, and they WERE exactly as you describe these choco’lite ones. They had the same crispiness, and even the exact same flower/sunburst/whatever pattern printed on them. I believe nestle simply renamed the choc’lite bar to the aerobar sometime between the 70s and the 80s.
    I haven’t had the newer aerobars. It’s possible that they changed the recipe at some point after the 80s.

    The recent hershey’s “air delight” bars come pretty close to the old aerobars.

  2. Tracey says:

    Bring Choco’lite candy bars back. They always stop making things no matter how many liked it. Anyways, they were my favorite when I was a kid. What stinks is every now and again I crave for one, still!!

  3. OldTymeFoodie says:

    Is that Cindy Brady (aka Susan Olsen) near the end of the ad? I loved Chocolite but don’t remember this ad.

  4. Anita Karin Mayer says:

    Choco’lite was my favorite candy bar! I remember walking to town with anticipation just to pick one up. As you took a bite and enjoyed a fluffy crunch, the smooth chocolate flavor melted just right in your mouth.

    Sometimes I get a craving for a candy bar and look over the selection at the counter and nothing seems to interest me so I grab a Nestle Crunch because it has the closest taste to a Choco’lite. Unfortunately, it isn’t fluffy, the rich chocolate flavor doesn’t delight my tastebuds and so on. There is NOTHING like a Choco’lite. It is better than Godiva and nothing like the Aero bar. For years I tried to find something similar. When I was in England in 1988–I was excited to try “Wispa” which had a similar description as Choco’lite. As I excitedly placed a coin in the vending machine in the London Tube and couldn’t wait to taste a candy bar that bore some resemblance to a choco’lite … the flavor and texture left me disappointed. I remember there was a commercial on TV in the 70’s…something like… “You never felt so good about chocolate because chocolates never tasted as good as choco’lite.”

    So true! I wish Nestle would just please bring it back!

  5. Lisa Winkel says:

    Please start making these again or tell me where I can find them. My favorite candy ever!

  6. Jon says:

    I too remember these candy bars (Guess i am getting Old) – very very good candy bar. I dont recall them simply being renamed and still out there for consumption. It seems tho they up and disappeared hard, never to be seen again.
    However, up in Canada, leave it to those Canadians to do it right :-) , They do they do sale an “AERO BAR” – These candy bars are extremely similar to the Chocolite bars, Quite good, they are ! I hope this helps someone to conquer when they are jonesing for a choc-o-Lite bar.

  7. Crystal in Dallas says:

    Chocolite!!! Thank you for this! I hoped when I googled it I would find something. I truly wish Nestle would make this again. I loved them as a kid. My mom did, too. I’d love to know why they’ve been off the shelves so long.

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