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To every kid in the 70s, the idea of having a bowl of chocolate chip cookies for breakfast seemed a mere fantasy until the arrival of Cookie Crisp cereal. Parents may not have shared the same enthusiasm for this seemingly less-than-wholesome approach to the day’s first meal, but youngsters still managed to convince enough of them to purchase a box of this beloved breakfast cereal.

Introduced by Ralston-Purina in 1977, Cookie Crisp delivered on its promise, providing a boxful of little cookies, each about the size of a dime and capable of holding their crunch for a respectable amount of time despite being doused with milk. The cereal was an immediate hit among kids, thanks in no small part to a parade of memorable mascots that appeared in a barrage of Saturday morning commercials.

Cookie Jarvis was the first, a lovable little wizard with a cookie-adorned pointy hat. He held his post for eight years, hawking three versions of the cereal – the original chocolate chip variety, as well as Vanilla Wafer Cookie Crisp and Oatmeal Cookie Crisp.

In the early 80s, things got a bit more larcenous with the introduction of Cookie Crook, a thief who concocted a variety of schemes in order to steal a bowl of the tasty cereal. Thwarting his efforts was Cookie Jarvis at first, then later, Officer Crumb, a self-described “Cookie Cop” who dressed in a blue police uniform and tried to outwit his nemesis. In the early 90s, a canine accomplice was introduced, Chip the Dog. At first, he served as Cookie Crook’s sidekick, but eventually took over the reigns as primary product spokes-dog.

Initially, the pooch wore a mask and committed thievery, but as his popularity rose among youngsters, Purina decided that he should perhaps be a better role model. They removed the mask and reformed Chip. Over the next few years, he sought nothing more villainous than trying to change the minds of watchful parents, still mighty skeptical of the “cookies for breakfast” concept.

If Chip’s moral metamorphosis wasn’t strange enough, he also suffered a species change in 2005 – inexplicably becoming a wolf. Sadly, this brought out the worst in Chip, and he soon returned to his larcenous ways. Maybe crime does pay because he remains the untrusty mascot for Cookie Crisp to this very day.

Besides the aforementioned varieties of Cookie Crisp cereal, other flavors were introduced in recent years, including Double Chocolate Cookie Crisp, Peanut Butter Cookie Crisp and Cookie Crisp Sprinkles. Parents still may not be convinced of the nutritional value of this dubious product, but that hasn’t stopped millions of kids from begging, nor has it stopped millions of boxes of Cookie Crisp cereal from flying off of store shelves over the past three decades and counting.

If Cookie Crisp was your breakfast cereal of choice as a kid, we’d love to hear your memories in our comments section below.

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  1. phuong says:

    The idea of having a bowl of chocolate chip cookies for breakfast seemed a mere fantasy until the arrival of Cookie Crisp cereal.

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