Crazy Cow

Crazy Cow

Finding one’s niche in the breakfast cereal arena can be a daunting task. There are only a few specific grains used and only so many shapes into which they can be formed. Sure, you can add some colored marshmallows to the mix but, beyond that, there is little that hasn’t already been tried. General Mills, took a sly approach in the 70s by taking the focus off the cereal and putting it on the milk. The result was a beloved but short-lived cereal called Crazy Cow.

Introduced in 1977, Crazy Cow cereal was available in two flavors, strawberry and chocolate. But the real fun came when milk was added to the mix, for each little ball of cereal goodness was coated with a powder that would dissolve when the milk was poured. Consume all of the crunchy morsels and you were left with a bowl of chocolate or strawberry flavored (and colored) milk to finish off the meal. The flavor wasn’t amazing by any means, but the novelty made up the difference.

Featuring a big, smiling cow on the front of every box, Crazy Cow came out of the gates strong, but the rodeo was short-lived. Despite the novelty, the product just couldn’t compete in the vast sea of cereal competition and, within a few short years, Crazy Cow packed her bovine bags and walked into the sunset, never to return.

Despite its brief run, the cereal is particularly well-remembered by rabid collectors of Star Wars memorabilia, thanks to a series of trading cards that were used as a promotional tie-in to the film. These rare collectables can fetch a pretty penny these days and have helped to keep the memory of our colorful (and certifiable) cow friend alive.

But even for those without a fondness for the science fiction film, any cereal that rewards a kid with a magically-made beverage at the end of breakfast is one that is certain to acheive a certain immortality. Crazy Cow found its niche, one that would keep its memory alive for decades beyond its lifespan.

Did a box of this quirky cereal ever make its way to your breakfast table? Did you have a preference between chocolate and strawberry? We would love to hear all of your memories of Crazy Cow in our comments section below.

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  1. Timothy says:

    I didn’t know Crazy Cow was introduced way back in 1971! It wasn’t until 1977 when my mom brought a box home from the store. I don’t remember which flavor I had first, but I know I had both the chocolate and strawberry. I would say chocolate was my favorite.

  2. Amy says:

    I loved this stuff! I remember eating the strawberry flavored kind this one chilly December morning, then starting to walk to school, getting about 20 paces from my front door and then puking it all, pink and disgusting, through my pretty white scarf. Never ate it again. I also had all the Star Wars cards that came inside the box, and decided to throw them away. What a doofus I was!

  3. Jennifer harris says:

    I never had Crazy Cow cereal!

  4. Keene says:

    Looks like test marketed starting back in 1971, but not released nationally until 1977…

    • Tira Beane says:

      I absolutely loved strawberry Crazy Cow. I ate it up until it was discontinued. In an office of 20 people in Baltimore no one had ever heard of Crazy Cow. I called General Mills a few years ago to inquire about it. I was advised that it was popular only in certain areas of the U.S. I lived in the NYC tri-state area growing up in the 70’s and early 80’s. I was advised that if they get enough requests they may revive it for a special occasion.

  5. Karen says:

    I can remember my dad bringing Crazy Cow cereal home to us.Loved it!

  6. Johnny C. says:

    I ate this as a child…liked the colored milk. I preferred the monster cereals though. I need to see if I still have the Star Wars cards. I wouldn’t have thrown them away.

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