Sitting side-by-side in the frozen aisle, the cold-blooded cousins named ice cream and sherbet always coexisted peacefully, but rarely crossed paths. Then came the Creamsicle, a vanilla ice cream bar coated in a layer of orange sherbet. This pairing of Popsicle and ice cream went on to become one of the most beloved frozen treats ever created.

Developed back in the late 30s, the Creamsicle was an immediate hit, thanks to the marriage of vanilla creaminess and tart orange, flavors that meld as perfectly as the celebrated chocolate and peanut butter partnership. Manufactured today by Unilever, who also own the rights to Good Humor and Popsicle, the Creamsicle has remained a favorite among frozen treat lovers since its inception and shows no signs of slowing down.

Creamsicles are an ice cream truck favorite, or you can stash away a box in the freezer and not have to run down the street with a handful of change. They can even protect one from capsaicin overindulgence. In other words, if you ever happen to bite into a chili pepper that packs a serious punch, the combined citrus and cream will provide instant soothing relief. Make sure it is a real Creamsicle though; Connoisseurs are quick to note that the competing Dreamsicle uses ice milk instead of ice cream. When you need maximum healing power, its best to stick to the original.

Eating a Creamsicle on a hot summer’s day is a pleasure enjoyed by millions during the 80-plus years that Creamsicles have remained in existence. It is a tradition passed from parent to child, and one thankfully continues to this day, all because sherbet and ice cream decided to put aside their differences to join forces for the greater good of mankind. Think about that the next time you bite into one.

Did your childhood summers include a Creamsicle dripping down your arm? We’d love to hear any and all of your memories of this iconic frozen confection in our comments section below.

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