Daisy Dukes

Daisy Dukes

Who likes short shorts? The collective “we” like short shorts, perhaps never quite as much as when Daisy Duke wore them on The Dukes of Hazzard in the early 80s. In fact, television viewers liked them so much that they christened the garments “Daisy Dukes” in tribute to the sassy lass with the never-ending legs.

When Catherine Bach, who played Daisy Duke on the hit series, first painted on a pair of skintight shorts for all the world to see, she conjured up images of the scandalous hot pants of the previous decade that were met with much parental disapproval. Of course, in the updated 80s version, all that really changed was the fabric.

The character’s particular fashion statement, which she displayed numerous times on the series, was simply a pair of homemade cutoff jeans, dangly strings and all. She often wore them along with a button-down shirt, tied seductively to reveal her midriff. All of that skin made the network censors nervous, as one might imagine, who insisted she wear flesh-colored pantyhose with the shorts at all times. To give you an idea of their popularity during the 80s, a poster of the actress wearing her Daisy Dukes sold over five-million copies.

Clothing manufacturers took notice and wasted no time. Daisy Duke replicas were soon flying off the shelves of department stores, ready to do their seductive dance. Designers cleaned them up a bit with a neat hem but they were still short enough for parents to admonish their teenagers with a hearty “over my dead body!”

Of course, tell a teenager not to do something and the rebellious little scamps will often toss that advice right out the window – which, in regard to Daisy Dukes, many did. The allure was just too great – if one could stop the General Lee in its tracks with a simple pair of short shorts, surely the high school boys would be fish in the proverbial barrel.

Looking back from afar, they don’t seem quite as risqué as they did in those innocent 80s – especially when compared to the 90s version that resurged in popularity thanks to the song “Dazzey Duks” by rap artist, Duice. Sporting considerably less fabric than an original pair of Daisy Dukes, this version left absolutely nothing to the imagination.

Daisy may have had a seductive streak, but she still retained a certain level of country class. One can assume that she wouldn’t have been caught dead in any of the fashions that evolved from her iconic blue jean short-shorts, the ones never to be forgotten by legions of fans who tuned in every week, many just to see what she might wear.

Did you own a pair of Daisy Dukes back in the day, or were you just a fan of those who chose to wear them? We’d love to hear all of your memories of this 80s fashion in our comments section below.

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