Sure, Barbie had Ken and a few other assorted friends to pal around with. But Dawn, one of the many dolls to try its hand at competing with the blond icon, had a downright entourage of cohorts. This was one popular and remarkably groovy chick with a style all her own.

The “real” eyelashes and fashionable attire were only the tip of the iceberg. Dawn had the ability to walk and strike a hundred different poses, at least according to the folks at Topper Toys who manufactured the doll.

She came packaged with a display stand, a mini-dress, and pair of white underwear. Unfortunately, she also suffered an unfortunate skin condition around her knees, thanks to discoloration caused when her vinyl skin came in contact with the metal bracket housed within her leg.

But even greenish-blue knees weren’t enough to impact her social life. Dawn boasted more friends than Barbie could have ever dreamed, including her African-American friend, Dale; Glori (the redhead) and Angie (the brunette). A year later, she would meet up with the likes of Jessica, Longlocks and (so as to not neglect the opposite sex) Gary, Ron and Van.

Dawn and her friends were eventually bestowed with more wardrobe choices, including majorette attire, fancy gowns and the unforgettable Flower Fantasy line – which consisted of floral prints and a somewhat strange flower pot for her to stand in and strut her stuff. Equipped with the sleek Dawn’s Action Car, she could grab the gang and head over to Dawn’s Disco (you couldn’t really call yourself a doll in the late 70s unless you had the obligatory disco playset).

She was a doll that gave it her best amidst a sea of competition, but it wasn’t enough to save Topper from going bankrupt in 1973, which meant the unfortunate demise of Dawn. Today, she lives only in fond memory, with regret for what might have been. Dawn, we hardly knew ya, but we loved you just the same.

Were you the proud owner of a Dawn doll back in the day? We hope you’ll share your memories of this toy with all of us in our comments section.

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  1. Kat says:

    Yep, I had one back then. Too bad my Mother never saved them, she gave my dolls away to the thrift store.

  2. Charlene says:

    I had all of them!! Tons of outfits and a cute little case. As I outgrew them I gave them to my niece and then my sister sold them in a garage sale!! :(

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