Deely Bobbers

Deely Bobbers

In the early 80s, followers of fashion seemingly borrowed from My Favorite Martian for a fresh new look – that of glittery antennae-shaped balls in all their bouncing glory. It was a fad that knew no boundaries, neither gender, nor age. Heads of young and old alike danced, skated, and strolled around town, seemingly ready to pick up signals from faraway planets.

In 1982, the Ace Novelty Company took out a patent on “a headband with springs and attached ornaments” and dubbed them Deely Bobbers – a combination of “delightful” and, well, bobbers. Many say that the inspiration actually came from the headwear that John Belushi and his cohorts wore in the 70s during a number of recurring bee-related comedy sketches on Saturday Night Live.

What is known for certain is that plenty of people across America awoke on Christmas Day in 1982 to find that Santa had delivered a shiny new set of Deely Bobbers. Some were adorned with pom-poms, others with plastic shapes, still others with LEDs. Granted, it was a fad that was pretty short-lived, but one whose memories linger – a time when the Martian look swept the nation in all of its decidedly silly, head-bobbing glory.

Fess up, did you wear Deely Bobbers back in the day? Do you still wear them on occasion? Share your stories in our comments section as we pay loving tribute to this unforgettable fashion statement from yesteryear.

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