Dum Dum Pops

Dum Dum Pops

A staple of trick or treat sacks for decades, Dum Dum Pops are more than just a Halloween delicacy. Since their debut in 1924, adults have kept a supply of these flavorful confections on hand at the bank, doctor’s office, or any other place that a fidgety kid might benefit from a flavorful distraction, making them the second most popular lollipop of all time.

They were given their somewhat disparaging name for a simple reason. A sales manager at the Akron Candy Company wanted a moniker that would be easy for children to remember and pronounce, and Dum Dum fit the bill. The Spangler Candy Company acquired Dum Dum Pops in 1953 and a plethora of new flavors followed. By 1966, there were eight available: Lemon, Lime, Orange, Coconut-Pineapple, Cherry, Grape, Butter Scotch and Root Beer.

Two years later, the beloved cream soda variety arrived along with black cherry and root beer. But that was only the beginning. The 1980s found a hit with Watermelon (which has not left the bag since its introduction in 1982), and in the years ahead, cotton candy, blue raspberry, cherry cola, and even buttered popcorn (for a short time, at least) are just a few new flavors that found their rightful place inside a Dum Dum bag.

Then, of course, there is that elusive “Mystery Flavor” that has kept fans guessing since its introduction in 2001. Usually colorless in appearance, these enigmatic treats are actually the result of the production process. Since shutting down the assembly line to change flavors would waste a lot of product, they simply keep the molten sugary goo flowing while they make the switch, inadvertently creating the dual-flavored mystery pops along the way.

All told, a whopping 8 million Dum Dum Pops are produced each day, putting smiles on the faces of kids everywhere. If you would like to tell us about your favorite Dum Dum flavor or share any other memories of these candy treats, we welcome your thoughts in our comments section.

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  1. Andrea says:

    Buttered popcorn 😀

  2. Kapatsos says:

    what a waste of candy

  3. i got these at the bank and trick or treating,

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