E.T. Cereal

E.T. Cereal

From the moment he arrived on Earth, kids fell in love with an extraterrestrial appropriately named E.T. – thanks to the blockbuster 1982 Steven Spielberg film of the same name. As the most financially succesful film to date at the time, it wasn’t long before our faraway friend started hawking a few products. He lent his mug to commercials for his favorite Earth snack, Reese’s Pieces, and was eventually honored with his own breakfast cereal.

Two years after the film’s release, General Mills introduced E.T. cereal, a two-grained crunchy concoction that was peanut butter and chocolate flavored. After all, the big guy with the glowing finger had already proven his fondness for this flavor combination. Of course, any cereal worth its weight needs a unique shape to match its flavor. Rather than make the pieces resemble little alien creatures, the manufacturers simply shaped the cereal into the letters “E” and “T.” Simple, eh?

Unfortunately, with few exceptions, breakfast cereals that are derived from a character that is currently popular tend to lose their luster once the public moves on to someone else. A little over a year after E.T. cereal made its glorious debut, it was headed to the breakfast cereal graveyard.

Let’s not feel too sad for our interstellar friend though. The movie has remained a beloved film long after its original release, and the candy it spawned still sells by the truckload. And who knows – perhaps on his home planet, E.T. cereal still sells like hotcakes. On our side of the milky way, however, it remains as little more than a fond memory.

If you poured a few bowls of E.T. cereal back in the 80s, we’d love to hear your thoughts on this chocolate-peanut butter breakfast treat in our comments section.

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  1. Matt Stilwell says:

    I would’ve loved to have had some of this cereal. But I’m alergic to peanut butter (but can eat plain peanuts. Go figure.) I do love E.T., though. I used to have an E.T. lamp where his finger and chest would glow. I also have this little E.T. figure that came in a box of mac and cheese in the late 90s/early 2000s? when the film was rereleased.

  2. jennifer harris says:

    I think this ceral tasted chocolatly to me.

  3. Big E says:

    Man…. I would pay GOOD money for an unopened box of ET Cereal today. That stuff was *awesome*.

  4. Dave P. says:

    I was a huge E.T. fan but for some reason I do not recall this cereal at all! I wonder why it took two years for the cereal to hit store shelves. Was this cereal a regional product or was it in stores all over the country? I’m sure I would have purchased a box every week had I known about it back then. Thanks for the info!

  5. Ronnie says:

    To this day I still think of it fondly, my all time favorite cereal ever! Sadly I will never get the chance to have it again.

  6. I remember this cereal! I was just a little kid when it came out. I can still remember the taste of it! It was so good.

    I was doing a search on the cereal today trying to find a collector box somewhere. But it does not exist!

  7. Ken says:

    I have this E.T. Cereal box, with the cereal inside… *UNOPEN*

    I thought I’d throw that comment ^ out there first!

    So yes, I have it this famous cereal and I was actually just going through my stuff. And when I came across it, I thought, I wonder how many of this cereal (un-opened) are still out there?
    And so I Google’d and it brought me here…

    And if any of you are collector experts or such, how much would this cereal go for..???

    Oh and also, the cereal itself is like 30 yrs old, so I don’t think it’s safe to eat the cereal, right???



  8. CJ says:

    E.T. Cereal was my favorite cereal. That mixture of peanut butter and chocolate, mmmmm I can taste it now! The only cereal today that is similiar is Reese cereal.

  9. Bart says:

    My dad used to let me and my brother select whatever cereal we wanted when we were growing up back in the 80’s (mom didn’t). It is still a running joke in our family on how disgusting this cereal was. At that age (~9 and 7) we wanted the sweetest cereal we could find so we decided to try this one. There are few food experiences that have left an impression on me over the years. E.T. cereal is at the top of the list, and not because it was good.

  10. JS says:

    Bring back E.T. cereal… Or make another one just like it. I loved it.. It was my favorite back in the day.

  11. Manda says:

    I ate this cereal when I was 3 and I still remember how good it was. Sweet god. The closest thing now is the Reeces cereal but its not the same.

  12. cosmobob says:

    I remember this cereal fondly! I loved the taste of it and Manda said the Reese’s is close but still not the same. I can still remember eating these in my moms papasan chair while watching cartoons!

  13. AKKim says:

    This cereal (ET) was the only cereal I really loved. As soon as I got hooked, it was taken away. Is there another that is like it? The Reese’s cereal isn’t quite the same. Now I’m going to research the banana peanut butter I remember loving too.

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