Facebook Review for 11/26/2010

Over at our Retroland Facebook page, we’ve been watching some great vintage videos, sharing news stories of interest, and discussing retro topics in our Discussion forum. If you haven’t been following along yet, here is what you missed over the past week:

  • Monday: We started the morning with a classic commercial for Eggo Waffles. .
  • Tuesday: We fondly recalled the Battle of the Network Stars television specials from our youth.
  • Wednesday: We prepared for Thanksgiving with a classic clip from Cheers.
  • Thursday: We received some helpful cooking tips from a 1950s advertisement..
  • Friday: We asked readers to share their memories of Koogle peanut butter spread.

If you haven’t already, head over to Facebook and “Like” our Retroland page, share a link with your friends, and join in the conversation. We’ll see you there!

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