Father of the Bride

Father of the Bride

Back in the 50s, planning a wedding was one of the more stressful undertakings in life. Spencer Tracy and Joan Bennett gave us a comic demonstration in the classic 1950 film, Father of the Bride. In 1991, Steve Martin and Diane Keaton proved that nothing has changed in the past forty years, in this successful remake that charmed its own generation of filmgoers.

George and Nina Banks (Martin and Keaton) are the proud parents of adult daughter Annie and younger son Matty. They are thrilled when their daughter returns home from Europe bearing exciting news – she has fallen in love and plans to marry a rich young entrepreneur named Bryan MacKenzie. Nina is delighted by the news; George, not so much.

Nobody is good enough for George’s daughter, and he suspects the worst in Bryan. When both families finally meet at an opulent home owned by the Grooms parents, George wanders off to snoop, which lands him in hot water. Thankfully, both sets of parents realize that everyone just wants what is best for their kids.

Now, there is a wedding to be planned, and George reluctantly must hire some help, in the form of Franck (Martin Short) a wedding planner with a barely decipherable foreign accent.

Frank takes control of the planning, but George has bigger problems. When Bryan tells Annie that her dad was snooping around his parent’s house, she refuses to believe him and it causes a huge fight that threatens the wedding plans. George takes Bryan out for a drink, with the intent of ending this whole charade, but realizes that Bryan is a good and honest man who truly loves his daughter. Feeling sheepish, George fesses up to Annie and offers his blessing. Now they just have to get through the actual wedding.

Steve Martin is always most charming when playing slightly befuddled and manic characters. Father of the Bride gave him plenty of room to shine, while Diane Keaton provided the perfect balance as his calm and collected counterpart. Martin Short, meanwhile, managed to steal just about ever scene he was in.

The ensemble cast worked so well together that, based on the film’s substantial box office success, the whole gang returned in 1995 for Father of the Bride, Part II, an equally charming film that explored one of life’s other highly stressful events – pregnancy. And not just Annie’s, but Nina’a as well – the result of which made George’s daughters wedding seem like a piece of cake.

If you have fond memories of this funny 90s film, we hope you will share all of your Father of the Bride memories in our comments section below.

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