There have been few technological advancements in chewing gum since it first became popular. Sure, new flavors have been introduced, formulas have been perfected to produce better bubbles, and various shapes have come and gone over the years. But 1975 marked a new era with the introduction of squirting gum. The first company to go down this path was Adams, with their spearmint-flavored Freshen-Up gum.

Freshen-up gum came in packs containing square pieces, each which held a surprise within their core – a flavored gel that, when bitten, released a small flood of flavor to tantalize the taste buds. It was so well received that the company followed up with peppermint, cinnamon and even a bubble gum version of Freshen-up. Competitors like Chewels soon followed and eventually the novelty wore off a bit. Today, it isn’t as widely available as it once was, although anyone with an internet connection can easily find a company willing to send them a few boxes for a nominal fee.

There are very few kids from the 70s that don’t remember the first time they bit into a nugget of Freshen Up gum and were rewarded with a surprising squirt of juicy flavor. Likewise, offering a piece to an uninitiated friend and watching the reaction on their face was a pretty amusing pastime. And sure, there are all kinds of gums on the market today, each available in a variety of zany flavors, but Freshen Up gum wasn’t really about the flavor anyway, it was about an unforgettable experience, one which lives in the hearts of millions to this day.

If you remember being surprised by your first taste of Freshen Up gum as a kid, or if you just want to share your fond recollections of this popular treat from yesteryear, we invite you to share your memories in our comments section.

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  1. jennifer harris says:

    I loved this gum!

  2. emily says:

    I remember how I loved gums as a kid! my mom always made me share with my little brother!

  3. Cinnamon. *nom nom nom*

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