Fruit Pie The Magician

Fruit Pie The Magician

Some illusionists have a penchant for pulling rabbits from a hat; others seem to enjoy sawing lovely ladies in two. But this guy had his own tasty tricks up his sleeve. He was the Houdini of all things Hostess and his name was Fruit Pie the Magician. And for over 30 years, his face graced each and every wrapper of Hostess Fruit Pies.

This magical mascot dressed the part, with his flowing cape, top hat and mystical wand – able to save the day by making fruit-filled snack treats appear out of thin air. Created by artist Don Duga in 1973, Fruit Pie was one of seven memorable characters that he designed, along with such icons as Captain Cupcake and Twinkie the Kid (who is the only one of the seven yet to be retired.) Fruit Pie would often appear alongside the other characters in various commercials and comic book advertisements.

Sadly, Fruit Pie the Magician’s biggest vanishing act was when his career as a mascot for Hostess Foods ended in 2006, after 33 years of dedicated service. If you fondly remember Mr. Fruit Pie and his other Hostess cohorts, feel free to share those memories with all of us, as we pay tribute to this conjurer of confectionery goodness at Retroland.

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  1. NostalgiaTV says:

    Dear Eric,

    I remember those animated “Hostess”snack cakes tv plugs..featuring such icons as”Twinkie The Kid”,”Captain Cupcake”,”FruitPie The Magician”etc.

    Allen Swift(Who passed away not too long ago)did the voices of”Twinkie”,”Captain CupCake”,”Chief Big Wheel”,”King Ding Dong”and
    “Ho Ho The Elf”.The original voice of”FruitPie”was Comic/character actor:Mort Marshall.

    Later..the voice of “FruitPie”was done for one tv plug by Al Swift.

    Classic TV commercials.

    BTW:Al Swift also did voices for a series of animated tv commercials in the 1960’s for Drake’s snack cakes..featuring”Ducky Drake”.

  2. NostalgiaTV says:

    Dear Eric,

    The voice that Al Swift used for”Captain Cupcake”was the same voice that he used for “Capt.Allen”..the first sea captain host/performer of WPIX TV Ch.11 NYC’s”Popeye Show’.

    “Believe It Or Else!?”.

  3. Cruiser 7 says:

    Hostess Fruit Pies were possibly my most favorite of treats as a kid. Nothing could beat washing one down with a glass of chocolate milk.

  4. tcoria77 says:

    i remember fruit pie the magician and twinkie the kid, i miss my childhood immensely!!

  5. princessdiana says:

    I remember those ads.

  6. Brandon says:

    Nice post. I sure miss Fruit Pie The Magician! He was a pretty classy advertising character, and Hostess had a good thing going back then.

    In 2006 I started the Save Fruit Pie The Magician website, to hopefully get Hostess to put him pack on the pie wrappers.

  7. I, like so many others, fondly remember Fruit Pie The Magician, Captain Cupcake, King Ding Don and Twinkie the Kid…it’s great that these snacks are still around, though I really miss Blueberry, Blackberry and French Apple Fruit Pies, wonder if Hostess would consider bringing them back? Heard they won’t but with a strong petition drive, perhaps they’d re-consider?

    Is everyone with me?

  8. Scott says:

    Only one thing to say.
    They still live in our hearts.

  9. Miss these, especially now that Hostess is almost gone–the blueberry ones are practically extinct, but I’ve heard that some places still carry them (at least they did until the big news).


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