Fun Dip

Fun Dip

Packets of powdered sugar-dust licked from a vanilla-flavored candy stick. Does it get any better than that? The aptly-named Fun Dip packed a punch like no other, pure refined sucrose with a bit of tartness that would send blood sugar levels racing to heights never imagined. And, when the powder was gone, you could begin gnawing on the enclosed edible utensil.

The story, however, begins before the stick. Back in 1942, a candy company called Sunline introduced a flavored sugar substance called Lik-m-Aid. Pouches of the treat were originally available in cherry, lime and grape (orange was introduced later). You might be interested to learn that this is the same exact stuff that fills the straws of another popular confection called Pixy Stix (same company, after all). Lik-m-Aid was an instant hit, putting smiles on the faces of millions of kids (and a few dentists) for the next three decades.

When the 70s rolled around, kids were introduced to the hallowed Lik-a-Stix, a flat white utensil (similar in appearance to classroom chalk) that was entirely edible and contained a hint of vanilla flavoring. The Lik-a-Stix was engineered for optimal powder delivery. Prior to its introduction, kids would often rip open packs of Lik-m-Aid and shotgun the contents all at once. The Lik-a-Stix device promoted a slower intake of the energy-inducing contents. Simply give it a good lick to get it wet, dip into the packet, lick off the coating and repeat.

When all the powdery goodness was gone, one would eye that saliva-soaked stick for a brief moment, then promptly chomp down for the grand finale of the experience. These sticks were rather hard, similar in density to SweeTarts (which were also made by Sunline). They were also delicious. Besides, how often do you get to eat the utensils after a snack.

Today, Fun Dip is available in a plethora of interesting flavors. Some, like blue raspberry, even miraculously change color once they get wet. Of course, the traditional variety is still available, now made by Willy Wonka, and sold in a bright green pouch. It looks different but tastes the same, should you be thinking of taking another stroll down sugar rush road for nostalgic purposes. After all, this was the fuel of our childhood; nobody would blame you.

If you have fond memories of eating a few hundred packets of Fun Dip during your youth (we know you are out there), please feel welcome to share your recollections in our comments section, as we tip our hat to this celebrated confection.

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  1. mike says:

    powdered crack with a hint of vanilla! ohhhhhh yeaaaaahhhhh


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