It’s one thing to learn how to dress yourself – it’s quite another to learn how to dress yourself well. Kids in the 70’s didn’t need to worry about that though, with Garanimals there to lend a helping hand. Just match the animal pictures on the tags, and you never had to worry about the fashion police knocking on your door.

Garan Incorporated introduced Garanimals clothing line for kids in 1972 – with a unique spin. Each article of clothing came with a hang tag that showed a particular animal. Mix a hippo shirt with a hippo pair of pants and, voila! Instant fashion knowhow.

The separates were usually coordinated by the same color or pattern schemes, so that it wasn’t that they just had the same animals on the tag. Lions went with lions, elephants with elephants – but watch out for the little rebels who mixed species. They might be either cutting edge, or hopelessly out of style.

Hopefully, once you became too old for Garanimals, you had developed a sense of style, helped along by letting Garanimals show you what went well together and what didn’t. Then you were on your own, with no more lions or tigers to help you out.

If you relied on Garanimals to help dress you as a kid, we invite you to share your memories in our comments section, as we tip our hats to these four-legged fashion advisers, here at Retroland.

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  1. jennifer harris says:

    I remember these,but never wore them.

  2. doreen blanton says:

    I remember these too and…lol…I remember wearing them. we used to go to a store called Bradlees and maybe Two Guys and get to pick them out ourselves. I kind of remember it being fun.

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