Gold Mine

Gold Mine

The art of creative packaging has sold a lot of candy to a lot of kids. Find a unique way to market your confection and you could be looking at a gold mine of profits. Perhaps that was the inspiration for Gold Mine gum, little golden nuggets of chewy goodness, cleverly packaged in a burlap sack.

Practically any kid from the 70s remembers these sacks of fruit-flavored gum. Sure, it didn’t blow the best bubbles but it was mighty tasty and the little bags were perfect for storing coins, rocks, pretty much any treasure a little prospector could get his or her hands on.

Today, Gold Mine gum is still produced, with one small change – the nuggets are wrapped in a cellophane bag within the burlap sack. Regardless, kids can still strike it rich, just like their parents once did, thanks to the Espeez Candy Company, which continues to produce and market these munchable minerals.

And if the youngsters chomp through enough sacks of this sugary confection, maybe some day they can lay claim to a shiny tooth made of real gold, allowing their dentist to also reap the rewards of Gold Mine gum. See? Everybody wins.

If you remember buying a pouch or two of Gold Mine gum, we welcome your recollections in our comments section, as we tip our hats to this decidedly retro candy, here at Retroland.

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  1. sam g says:

    I remember walking up to the corner drug store and buying bags of this gum….cram as much as i could in my mouth then when the flavor left spit it out and load up on new mouthfull….it was my all time favorite gum ever worth the 8 blocks walk to the store

  2. Johnny C. says:

    I used to buy a bag whenever my parent’s brought me to Frontier Village in San Jose, CA. I thought I was the Lone Ranger with a bag of gold.

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