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Good Humor Ice Cream

In the scorching heat of a summer’s day, few sounds beckon to a child like the playful jingle of an ice cream truck in the distance – gradually moving closer, block by block, until it finally turns the corner and heads slowly down their street. At the first notice of the approaching melody, kids scatter in all directions, making a mad dash towards the parents, begging for enough change to purchase a frozen delicacy. And for over eighty years, little white Good Humor trucks have done their part to ensure that ice cream is available to all, offering varieties of the very thing that made them famous almost a century ago – ice cream on a stick.

An Ohio man by the name of Harry Burt, a confectioner and ice cream maker, came up with a few innovations in 1920 that would change the world of frozen snacks. Realizing that the lollipop was considerably less messy due to its stick, he decided that ice cream might also benefit from such a handy device. He also developed a way to coat said ice cream with a layer of chocolate and by combining these two ideas, the ice cream bar as we know it was invented. Harry felt that a person could be kept in good humor (or spirits) as long as their taste buds were kept happy. Therefore, it seemed perfectly fitting to name his invention, and subsequent company, Good Humor. To market his product, he sent out a fleet of little white trucks driven by white-suited drivers who came to be known as “The Good Humor Man.”

These angels of frozen desserts carried a variety of ice cream bars that were concocted by the Good Humor Company over the years. Some of the most memorable have been the ones that consist of vanilla ice cream filled with a flavored center, then dipped in an almost cake-like coating. The Chocolate Eclair, Strawberry Shortcake and Toasted Almond bars all enjoyed great success as did the famous Candy Center Crunch bar, which consisted of a traditional ice cream bar coated in crispy chocolate goodness and containing a surprise chocolate candy center. If that didn’t justify a frenzied ice cream truck rendezvous, nothing could.

In their jingling white vehicles, the well-dressed vendors of Good Humor ice cream roamed the streets of America in official capacity until 1978, leaving a wake of smiling kids in their tracks. And while there aren’t official Good Humor trucks anymore, there are plenty of independent mobile vendors that still offer the Good Humor ice cream truck experience.

The aforementioned plethora of Good Humor bars are also still available for purchase in grocery stores as well as online. But as any former kid will attest, they always tasted just a little more special coming from an ice cream truck – the way ice cream was meant to be acquired, the result of a mad dash frenzy for cash that resulted in a panting child uttering the words “give me one of those” in between gasps for breath. Then, stick in hand, they could proudly walk off into the sunset, chomping at their prize and leaving their mood in what could only be described as … good humor.

If you grew up chasing the Good Humor Man down the street, or if you still seek out a particular Good Humor product that you loved in your childhood, share all of your ice cream memories with us in our comments section, as we remember this staple of summer, here at Retroland.

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  1. Karen Cosby says:

    Despirately seeking Good Humor Candy Crunch Bar. Where can we find in Ormond Beach, FL. Miss you Candy Crunch Bar Love, Karen

    • eric says:

      Unfortunately, I can’t be of assistance, Karen. I can, however, concur that they are perhaps the greatest ice cream bar ever created. :)

  2. a says:

    No one seems to remember a Good Humor product called Banana Split on a Stick. They were to die for!! Would love to see a picture online somewhere to prove to others they existed. Would love for Good Humor to start selling them again.

  3. My two favorites were the fudge stick bar and the coconut bar. Also when I worked in D.C., a vending machine sold The One Bar, which was heavenly. While growing up, the Good Humor truck and the Jack and Jill truck came on different days. Everyone used to yell “wait a minute” to make the trucks stop. Fond memories.

  4. Michelle Polk says:

    I grew up with the good humor ice cream truck. I have been trying to locate the banana ice cream bar. Can someone help me to find that ice cream bar.

  5. Ken says:

    1963 -1964 / Cranford New Jersey our Good Humor Man had a treat that I have never forgotten.
    I can’t remember the name. It was layers of creamy banana and raspberry ice-creams
    with a chocolate coating outside – all on on a stick. The colors of the inside were as pretty as it tasted.
    It was awesome.
    Anyone remember that one – what was it called??????
    I am going to remake it here at home for my kids this summer.

  6. Gail Burns says:

    One of my favorite ice cream from Good humor was banana and strawberry ice cream covered with chocolate on a was long and round…it was delicious!!! I wish I could still purhase it.

  7. Lynn says:

    For me it was the ice cream freezer in my school cafeteria. You could buy a Good Humor treat for 60 cents back then and it was amazing. The general store in town used to have one, too…one of those big metal freezers.

  8. Barbara says:

    I remember 3 bars that are no longer available. One I believe was called the banana split and was similar to a strawberry shortcake only it had a mixed taste of ice cream and the crunchies on the outside were like banana and strawberry flavored. The second bar was huckleberry I believe it was called and the ice cream was purple and it was covered with a traditional hard chocolate. And the third was a coconut bar not toasted coconut but white coconut on the outside and vanilla or coconut flavored . Wonder if they’ll ever bring those back…. They are 50 years passed.

  9. Ken says:

    I’m currently a Good Humor Man in Bica Raton Fl.
    I have a original 1969 Good Humor truck.
    I’ve never had so much fun as I’ve had over the past 7 years selling ice cream.
    Unfortunately Good Humor just decided to discontinue the Candy Center Crunch. Can’t understand it as it was one of my top sellers. Time for a “protest”

  10. colleen says:

    Does anyone remember the lemon jungle?

  11. Barbara says:

    Hi Collen, I was just Googling Good Humor and Lemon Jungle Bar. Lemonade & Pink Lemonade swirled. It was like sorbet on a stick & beautiful to look at. If I remember correctly, it had nice even melting rate as well

  12. Maya says:

    I’ve been running my 1967 good humor truck for 11 years, I agree we must protest !! No more Candy Center are they insane!!!!!!!!! We need it back. Please come back to me…..

  13. Leisa says:

    For Conroe Tx. I have the Caravelle Good Humor ice cream freezer.Doesnt have pictures or say GOOD HUMOR ON THE FRONT but says on the side.In good working order and clean and want to know where or how to sell it. 450.00

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