Hershey’s Syrup

Hersheys Syrup

Nothing can make a chocolate lover’s heart skip a beat like a few generous drizzles of Hershey’s syrup. It’s a confectionary miracle worker if there ever was one, able to turn a glass of ordinary milk into something divine, an ordinary bowl of ice cream into a luscious sundae, and a plate of waffles or pancakes into a sublime desert, all in a matter of seconds with no culinary training required.

Originally created in 1926, with commercial purposes in mind, Hershey’s introduced Hershey’s Cocoa Syrup for bakers, restaurants and soda fountains. As one might expect, the syrup became increasingly popular, so the company began producing it in the familiar tin can in 1928 – changing the way Americans topped their ice cream forever. Little has changed since then, and little needs to.

Really, the only big change for Hershey’s syrup came in the way of product packaging. In the 40 or so years since it became available in grocery stores, cans of the syrup were eventually equipped with little yellow lids, added to help seal in the freshness (and keep other strange refrigerator odors from infiltrating its glorious flavor).

In 1979, Hershey’s introduced the plastic squeeze bottle we’ve grown accustomed to through a series of commercials featuring that delightful moppet known as Messy Marvin. Incidentally, Messy Marvin was played by a young actor who we would come to know and love – Peter Billingsly, who three years later played Ralphie Parker in the holiday classic, A Christmas Story.

Everyone loves a good topping for their ice cream, and Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup has topped the list for generations. Through the years, Hershey’s has recognized this adoration and created a wide variety of other ice cream-related condiments, from strawberry and caramel flavored syrups to sugar free varieties. They even have a topping that tastes just like Whoppers for fans of the malted-milk balls.

Due to the popularity of these syrups, Hershey’s branched out further with a line of ice cream toppings such as Hot Fudge and even hard shell chocolates – all ready to be poured on and gobbled up with each delicious chilly bite.

A bowl of ice cream, a glass of milk, a stack of pancakes: all delicious in their own right. Drench them with a few generous squeezes of this heavenly syrup, however, and you have transformed them from ordinary to decadent. It’s the product that just keeps on giving, and causes sweet-toothed folk to bow their heads in reverence.

Were you a consumer of this chocolate nectar in childhood, maybe straight from the can (or the squeeze bottle, if you grew up a little later)? Share all of your Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup memories with us in our comments section, as we tip the ‘ol hat to this sinful indulgence.

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  1. Dawn Satariano says:

    Looking for a photo for my husband. He remembers a yellow can of hot fudge topping. Would like to find a photo of that.

  2. Anna Zarr says:

    I’m disappointed that the canned chocolate syrup was replaced with a plastic bottle. The syrup in the can was thicker, richer in chocolate flavor and much easier to get it every drop for all my favorite recipes. Please consider bringing it back for the consumers that are looking everywhere for it? Thank you, Anna Zarr

  3. Kerry says:

    at 75 I have had Hershey syrup daily most of my life,mainly on vanilla ice cream. This year it does not taste as good and causes nightmares as I usually consumed it late at night.

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