Hugo, Man Of A Thousand Faces

Hugo, Man Of A Thousand Fac

Let’s face facts – Mr. Potato Head, lovable as he may be, really couldn’t hold a candle to Hugo, the Man of a Thousand Faces. This was advanced cranium alteration, the opportunity to turn Hugo into the doll of your dreams, or your nightmares. Let’s take a look back at this unforgettable mug.

Even with his face in all its naked glory, Hugo had a distinct element of creepiness about him, with the emotionless blue eyes of a serial killer and a matching blue shirt that screamed “convict.” This probably wasn’t a doll you wanted staring at you from across a dimly lit bedroom. But, of course, the fun really began when you dipped into his arsenal of disguises, all ready to be attached to his sinister face. The folks at Kenner Toys provided everything you needed – scars, wigs, eyewear (and even eyes,) mustaches, fangs and more, enough to create a thousand or more distinct appearances for Hugo.

Unlike his spudly counterpart, Hugo didn’t rely on pegs to keep his features affixed to his creepy, yet cherubic, face. Rather, he preferred the temporary glue that was provided. Unfortunately, only two sticks were included and it was easy to use those up rather quickly. Once those were gone, it was hard to find a substitute adhesive that wouldn’t stick like, well, glue.

Hugo, like so many other toys, didn’t make it out of the 70s, even though he garnered a little fame as a prop in some of the early Pee Wee Herman stand-up routines. But for those who got the chance to know him, it is likely that they will never forget Hugo or those haunting eyes that gave the impression that, once you were tucked snugly into bed, he was plotting a way to take over the world – or destroy it. No, that’s silly. He’s just a doll…just a doll.

Do you have fond (or fearful) memories of playing with Hugo, Man of a Thousand Faces? Share your recollections in our comments section as we pay tribute to this master of disguise, here at Retroland.

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  1. Wanda Fay says:

    I bought the Hugo Doll in 95 I a garage sale for only $1.00. He was so ugly but I loved him!! Brought him home and showed him to my daughter Kim … she thought he was discusting and would scare the girls! Tori, Alyssa & Brittany weren’t as scared of him as my youngest daughters little girl who was probably 3yrs old.. Haley was petrified of him… So I had to hide him in his box and put him in the closet at the front door! Haley was having her birthday so I made her a cake and put Hugo’s scary mask face on the cake.. along with his black glasses. Rushed the cake over to their house and Haley just screamed….. I have pictures and memories of this… My daughers Kim/Jennifer will never let me live this down! Even now they asked me what happened to poor Hugo! I’m knowing Kim threw him in the Dumpster …. she just had that look on her face…. I actually want to buy another one!!

  2. asher hawke says:

    I had one of these when I was around 6 or 7 years old. I loved playing with him…but at night it was a different story. He looked scary at night, so I would put him on the high, hidden shelf in my bedroom. One night there was a loud crash in the closet and when I slid open the door, Hugo had fallen off the top shelf, landing on the middle shelf. My brother told me that Hugo had actually landed on the floor but “crawled up my clothes until he reached the middle shelf”. This simple statement made me never want to look at Hugo again.

  3. Mandy Boney says:

    Hugo is the object of terror from my childhood! Day or night he was creepy as f**k! My older brothers enjoyed scaring the crap outta me all the time! With a toy like Hugo doing that was pretty easy. I’d wake up in the morning with Hugo tucked in tight right beside me! All his creepy glue on face parts….who does that?? Ugh, whoever came up with the concept of Hugo has issues, lol, lots of issues. He should be sold as a Halloween decoration not a kids toy. I gotta mention his straight arms and little “dead hand ” position hands. No legs. You could stick your hand in him like puppet and twist him making his arms swing back n forth. Just another freaky bonus! But I wouldn’t be the wigged out scare myself with my own imagination girl I am today if not forthe sick lil man doll Hugo!

  4. Gracie says:

    Omg. Lmao.. I never got one though my brothers and I asked for one so we didn’t experience the creepy guy. I do remember the commercial though.. “Hugo! Man of a thousand faces”…spoke in like Dracula’ voice… haha. I’m sorry. I can’t stop laughing.

  5. Mark Babarik says:

    Eeeeeeeee it’s Hugo! man of a thousand faces…mix them up don’t be afraid a thousand faces can be made Eeeeeeeee

  6. Pip Wheelwright says:

    Hi there. My name is Pip Wheelwright and I work for a charity in Kent. UK
    We have had a Hugo donated incredibly creepy though he seems he is in amazing condition boxed with a bag of accessories. We have a good retro selection for sale in our shop, clothes, toys, bric a Brac and games, and want to fetch the best price for Hugo, but difficult to find prices. Can I ask your opinion on this please we appreciate he is highly collectible and rare,with his box and bag of bits and pieces. Doubt looking at him, he was played with much at, if at all. Looking for a buyer too.

    Pip x x

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