“For the bigger boy … at Sears.”

Many a boy had willingly worn the large-size ‘Huskies’ for years, naïvely wearing whatever mom bought and put in the closet. Huskies were like any other pants, weren’t they? They looked the same: the same color, the same stitching, but why did they have to be bought in a special department?

When a boy began to understand the teasing at the playground, the snickers behind the back, and the all-too hurtful comments … a boy was old enough to know what ‘Husky’ meant. No longer could he innocently wear the ‘specially made for big boys’ Huskies from Sears. He knew then that these were pants for the portly boy, with wide-cut waists and thighs, but normal leg lengths.

Maybe mom tried to console your broken heart by telling you that ‘Husky’ meant manly or strong, but you knew… there was no denying what the label on the back pocket meant. In a world short on boys’ fashion, the only alternative was to wear too-big clothes from your older brother and father. And since big baggy pants hanging off your body wouldn’t be in style until hip-hop hit the scene in another twenty years, your only option was to remain in the Husky style, hoping and wishing for a growth spurt next summer.

If you have memories that you would like to share of Sears Husky clothing (which is still sold to this day, by the way), we welcome all of your recollections in our comments section below.

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