The cookie world, as you might imagine, is just a tad competitive, and when it comes to two chocolate wafers embracing a layer of sweet vanilla crème, there has always been a heavyweight and an underdog. We know you are aware of the former, but for the uninitiated, we would like to talk about the latter, and thy name is Hydrox. While their demise can be directly linked to their Nabisco counterpart, they are the cookie of choice of millions of people who, in 2008, demanded their cookie back. Let’s see what all the fuss was about.

Hydrox cookies were introduced way back in 1908, a product of Sunshine Biscuits in Elmhurst Illinois (which is now owned by the elf-infested Keebler Company.) They consist of two ornate chocolate cookie discs and a layer of sweet frosting-like creme. They were immediately popular, which led the competition, Nabisco, to introduce their own version called Oreo four years later. And as history attests, Oreo eventually won the marketing battle to become one of the best-recognized cookies in history. And yet, there is a vocal subsection of the population that always kept their loyalty to Hydrox. They insist that their superior cookies don’t become soggy in milk as quickly, and that their preferred snack has a slightly tangier taste and is noticeably less sweet.

Here is a glimpse of Hydrox as part of this 80s commercial for Sunshine cookies.

Unfortunately, Hydrox threw in the the towel in 1999, discontinuing the century-old sandwich cookie. Fans were aghast, flooding the phone lines at Kelloggs (who currently own the rights to the name) when the 100-year Hydrox anniversary arrived, and demanding a return of their beloved snacks. Realizing the amount of love that still existed, Kelloggs eventually acquiesced, and in 2008, Hydrox cookies returned to their rightful place on store shelves. How big was the news? Big enough for the Wall Street Journal to cover it, that’s how big.

The celebration was tragically short-lived, however, as within a year, the product was again discontinued. For now it seems, the Hydrox aficionados will have to return to mourning their befallen friends, and hope that one day this travesty is again corrected.

On which side do you reside in this decades-old debate? Were you loyal to Hydrox or did you sell your soul to Oreo? What was it about Hydrox that made them your preferred cookie choice. Share your memories of these extinct treats with us in our comments section as we tip our hats to a true original, Hydrox.

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  1. Jennifer harris says:

    Mom says we’ve had Hydrox cookies before,but I can’t remember.I only remember Oreo.

  2. Bill Hankel says:

    As a kid I preferred Hydrox as the taste was milder and more chocolate like. Oreo had a somewhat burnt quality to the cookie taste. However, as I am approaching my 65th birthday, I can’t really eat cookies that have transfats and so much sugar.

  3. debra says:

    I wish I had known they were bringing back Hydrox back in 2008 because I would have bought some up. I prefer them exclusively over Oreos. I love the slightly salty taste of the creme center and it wasn’t as oily as Oreo’s center either. They did stay crispier in milk as someone already mentioned too which gives it a better texture experience as well (I love crunchy in milk over soggy!) They did everything right except apparently for their marketing. How sad I didn’t get a chance to taste them again before they were gone for what sounds like for good. That is an American tragedy in its own right.

  4. dallas daniel hessler junior says:

    hydrox all the way

  5. miss it says:

    My brother is 65 and dying of cancer. At this stage we are letting him eat anything he wants. He loves and misses Hydrox cookies as it was a favorite snack my mother shared with me and my 8 siblings as we were growing up. No Oreos for him, but I’m having a hard time finding this delicacy. Now I’m on a mission. Once I find them, I will not only bring him a little joy, but I will also pass this tradition on to my own children.

  6. Jeff Missinne says:

    I remember Hydrox too, and its filling that was more confectionary and less greasy than Oreo’s. Maybe the name was part of their problem; Hydrox sounds more like an industrial-strength drain cleaner than a delicious chocolate cookie. A Hydrox by any other name would taste as sweet, and probably sell better. How about it, Kellogg’s?

  7. Bev King says:

    Hydrox were my favorite when it came to chocolate sandwich cookies. They were much better than Oreos. Had a better chocolate flavor to them. Wish they were still available.

  8. Duane Helms says:

    When the hydrox disappeared from the store shelves in late 90s, I simply quit eating cookies. And when Post Toasties disappeared, I quit eating corn flakes.

  9. Beldar says:

    Hydrox all the way.

    Oreos are way to sugary, and about half the weight, (50% air bubbles) due to the brittle honeycomb consistency.

    Perfect case of packaging triumphing over product quality.

  10. Smas says:

    Hydrox over Oreos any day. Never liked the name though. Sounds like a chemical

  11. Ellia Kassoff says:

    Leaf Brands acquired the Hydrox brand and they will be back on the market around June 2015.

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