If you were a lover of all things peanut butter-related in the 70s, chances are good that a product called Koogle caught your eye. Not your typical spread, Koogle had a unique texture and came in assorted flavors that you either loved or loathed. Either way, this short-lived snack spread still conjures up plenty of flavorful memories for many a former kid.

Kraft Foods introduced Koogle in 1971, a sweetened peanut butter spread that was sold in a jar and available in four flavors – chocolate, banana, cinnamon and vanilla. It’s consistency differed from your typical peanut butter in that it didn’t stick to your mouth (most likely due a higher concentration of oil). One could make sandwiches, eat it on toast or crackers, or straight from a spoon should you wish to cut out the middleman.

Besides the classic commercial above, you may also remember the freaky Koogle mascot from earlier ads (none of which have made their way to YouTube yet, unfortunately). Looking like an over-sized jar of the peanut spread, the costumed character featured enormous spinning eyes, and appendages that looked like they belonged on an amphibian. He spoke in a voice reminiscent of Wolfman Jack and uttered the catchphrase “Pea-nutty-koogle with the koo-koo-koogly eyes”.

Sadly, although many people today attest to a former affection for Koogle during their childhood, the product didn’t exactly fly off of store shelves. By the middle of the decade, it was put on the extinct list and sent to the discontinued food graveyard where it resides to this day.

Fans have written countless letters to Kraft over the years, practically begging them to make Koogle again, but the company has a strict policy about not bringing back anything they’ve discontinued. And so, we are left with mere memories of this peanutty spread with the unforgettable flavor whose flame flickered out all too soon.

Were you a fan of Koogle back in the day? What was your favorite flavor? Or, was it something you begged for but never quite persuaded mom to buy. Either way, we’d love to hear your recollections of this memorable snack food in our comments section below.

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  1. LOVED this! Was also hoping it would come back…guess Kraft Foods is sticking to its policy, so another company could bring it back, like Jif, Velvet, etc. If so, would be great to see it back, in the original packaging. One can only hope…

  2. Marie Gelsomino says:

    I loved Koogle when it was out in t he 70’s. I liked all the flavors, though my favorite was chocolate followed by vanilla.

  3. Kim says:

    I’m so glad that Retroland posted this information about Koogle. It was the only way I would eat peanut butter when I was a little girl. I loved the vanilla flavor, and I couldn’t remember the name of this product. When I would think of it in recent years, I would google vanilla peanut butter to see if I could locate it (or at least find the name). I really miss this! I do like regular peanut butter now, as an adult, but maybe I’ll have to take my organic Smuckers peanut butter and add some sugar, vanilla, & a little coconut oil to try to make my own version. Does anyone remember Figurines? I liked them too.

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