Kraft Easy Cheese

Kraft Easy Cheese

You might as well just admit it. You aren’t alone and it doesn’t make you a bad person. You open the pantry door and notice that crackers are in short supply. Undaunted, you grab the can of spray cheese, pause to look over your shoulder and make sure that nobody is watching you. Throwing caution (and calorie counting) to the wind, you tilt your head back, open wide, and let loose with an injection of cheesy goodness. You’re not the first to display this lack of self-control and you won’t be the last; the can just has a sort of hypnotic hold on you.

First introduced in 1966, under the name “Snack Mate,” Kraft Easy Cheese is a jewel in the world of modern food technology: cheese that sprays from a can and needs no refrigeration. Sometimes referred to as “Aerosol Cheese,” this is actually a misnomer. Unlike most aerosol products, Easy Cheese is unique in that the propellant and cheese never mix in the can. Rather, the propellant pushes a cylinder in the can that forces the cheese out of the top. It can be used on crackers, hot dogs, celery sticks, and just about any place that could use a decorative stripe of cheese. The top of the dispenser contains 4 tiny slots which, when pressed against a flat surface, like a cracker, allows you to create a variety of artistic designs.

Kraft Easy Cheese comes in a number of flavors including: American, Swiss, Cheddar, and the heavenly concoction of Bacon and Cheddar. Whichever you prefer, be forewarned; a can of Kraft Easy Cheese has a way of mysteriously disappearing. Upon questioning your family members, they will surely feign surprise, insisting that they have no idea what could account for the vanishing cheese. Perhaps it is time to install late night surveillance cameras and witness the hypnotic power that Kraft Spray Cheese holds over the entire family. Shhh, listen closely. There is a can calling to you right now and resistance is futile.

Are you a longtime fan of Kraft Easy Cheese? Better yet, are you guilty of doing a shot of cheese when nobody is looking? Share all your memories of this addictive product in our comments section, as we tip our hats (and our heads) to one of those guilty pleasures in life, one more common than we might like to admit.

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